Wednesday, September 23, 2009


There has been so many changes going on around the house over the last few weeks that I never know where to start. Brady turned 9 a week ago and here he is on his birthday. The school started a new thing this year where parents can come in and eat breakfast or lunch on their child's birthday so I chose to eat breakfast with Brady that morning. Then went straight into work.Saturday morning, we had a football game. Here are the pictures I promised of Brady and Belle on the previouse Saturday, Belle's first game and Brady's second.Have I mentioned Belle's latest distaste for having her picture taken? I threatened today that if I take one picture of her scowl she was going to be grounded for a month.

Then after the game, I picked up a cake and ice cream so we could go to the local bowling alley for Brady's birthday party. Out of 7 invitations, two kids came, so we invited the neighbor's daughter to join us. Despite the low turnout, Brady had a great time.Dad picked Bryce up from band practice on Tuesday and brought him to me at work. Bryce came inside, said "Pepaw's got a flower for you," and sat down. A flower? That was unexpected. So I walked outside to unlock the van and he had brought me this. I've had three different clippings of that plant and every time I tried to start it, Callie and Zeus has ripped it to shreds so this time? Mom sent me more than a clipping. She practically sent me a plant! Now I need to get me a hanging pot in which to plant it.

Also last week, I had to take the kids in to have their eyes checked. Brady could not sit on the couch to watch tv, he was constantly planted four feet in front of it. We found that Bryce has a slight astigmatism but we could get him glasses or wait. I chose to wait since he really hadn't complained about his eyes. Belle has a slight astigmatism as well but needed reading glasses. According to her dr, wearing the reading glasses will ease the strain on her eyes when she's not reading. We'll see what happens. Poor Brady was near-sighted. There was just no way he could go without glasses. He is to wear them when he's not on the playground or playing football.Tomorrow is their first day of school with their new found eye sight. I just hope that it isn't as stressful as Brady fears it will be.

As for me, work is wearing me out. That and not sleeping. I had every intention on putting in another hour and a half tonight, but I sat down in this chair and decided that I would post a few pictures, put up a new blog, put some football pads in a uniform and go to bed. So here in about 10 minutes, that is where I intend on being. Bed. Doesn't that sound wonderful? So with that I'm going to leave you a self portrait Belle took today after getting her glasses. She'll smile for herself but scowl for me...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Stopping By...

I'm pretty sure that my fears of me working would affect my blogging have come true. I really didn't intend for it to, but I have been determined that working was not going to affect my house. For the most part, it hasn't. I've been washing my dishes as soon as supper is finished, washing a load or two of laundry as soon as it comes ready and then folding the laundry as soon as it's done. I have the kids pick up what various things they have throughout the house as I walk through.

Then there's the running. Football practice on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings until 7, strings rehearsals on Monday and Thursday until 4:15, band practice on Tuesday until 4:20 and cheerleading practice until 3:30. By the time I finish with supper, dishes, baths and bedtimes, it's 8:30. Then a couple of nights last week I brought work home with me so that I could get the new program to the point that we can start relying on it. I love the idea that if you were sitting at my desk at work one evening last week, you would see the mouse moving around on the screen as I worked on it from my home computer. I will probably be doing some more work from this week as well.

Also last week Belle came home from school on Friday and crashed soon after. After Hubby made a quick trip the after hours clinic, we got the news. Influenza A. She's got the flu and cannot return to school before Wednesday. They have drugged her up real well with Tamiflu and some serious antibiotics. Since today was a holiday, she'll only be required to miss one day depending on how she feels. She's still complaining about stomachaches today, but her fever has been gone since yesterday morning. Unfortunately, it required her to miss cheering her first football game of the season and I missed Brady playing his first football game. Ever. I am still struggling with that. So for now, this is what I have of that day:Hubby also took a picture of him in action on the field but it's still on his cell phone so I don't have that one to post yet.

We are also in the process of recovering. Weekend before last, Hubby was mowing the yard when he shot a rock across the front. We both thought it hit the siding on the house and went on about our business. He came in a short time later and informed me he had indeed broke something. The back window on my van was shattered. A week and a half later, I had a new, darker window in the back of my van. But our feelings were definitely hurt. Or at least mine were. Not because he broke it, things happen, but because it happened on the second week I went to work. Then this past Thursday, I managed to do some damage to my little toe after I kicked it on the foot of my rocking chair. I hobbled around for two days before it finally scabbed up enough that it didn't hurt every time I took a step. I assume it's not broken since I kicked it a second time not two hours after hurting it and didn't melt into a pool of sobs. That's always a plus.

Now is time for me to crash so that I will be willing to get up in the morning. How was your labor day?