Sunday, September 19, 2010


Life for me has been all over the map the last few months. I had every intention on posting more as I felt better. And I do feel better. And I don't. I don't hurt every month like I used to. I don't hurt in between cycles every month either. And as always there is a but. But my leg still hurts and my bones still hurt. I reported both at my last follow up visit and was referred back to my family doctor but I haven't made the appointment. I'm stalling. Again. But I feel my time back will be too soon. I also felt like every time I went to post something it was also negative. I was not necessarily a gripe but a post that would end up being a downer. That wasn't what I wanted. For now, let me bring you up to date.

Before I even got my freedom to drive two weeks after my surgery, Hubby had signed the kids up for church softball. Bryce and Belle were on an older youth team (but not the oldest) and Brady was on the younger youth team which also happened to be coach pitched. So for a while I was spending at least two nights a week in my chair at the softball fields watching practices and games. The kids were great helping carry my chair to the fields so that I didn't and had a blast playing the game. Brady's team went on to win their championship game.

I mentioned back in the winter that we came home from a basketball game to find a dog sitting under our carport. Well she never left and we finally named her Daisy. She has become a part of our home and I finally took a minute to take her picture and share her with you.Sorry for the poor quality of the picture. She is not a photogenic animal and I was using my cell phone. Two negatives when trying to take a picture. Unfortunately, my camera has officially bit the dust and I have not been able to get me another one and don't see one in the future. We'll see what happens.

Hubby has been trying since Christmas to get me a Himalayan kitten but the friend of ours that was breeding them had decided to stop. Then she decided to have a couple of more litters. So right after Mother's Day she sent him a message on facebook to let him know that she had a little boy, three months old that she had been unable to find a home for. She was willing to let him go for a small fortune as opposed to a huge fortune. Not that I'm saying he wasn't worth it. Just saying I've never been one to pay for a pet of any kind. Anyhoo, this is Sebastian: Yes his is as sweet as he looks. It took him some time to adjust to everyone but now he goes about his business without a second thought to anything or anyone around him.

Not long after we got him, school started. The end of July brought us to the kids back to school nights. Belle and Brady had their night first and were very pleased with their teachers and classmates. It was at their night that I found out the middle school had a new band director. Not only did they have a new band director that Bryce would be under but he was also a guy that I went to school with. A guy who happened to marry the girl who was my maid of honor! I was truly excited! Bryce and I went to his back to school night alone as Mom took Belle and Brady to a softball game. We toured the school, met his teachers and found our way to each and every class so that he would know what to do on the first day. Not only did he have a good friend of mine for a band director but his Social Studies teacher was also one of my teachers in elementary school so I felt a little better. Words cannot describe how nervous I was that first day. I think I was more nervous than he was. I couldn't help but wonder if he made it to his classes correctly and on time. He came home and reported a good day. Whew! With the start of school came the next round of running. Softball ended the first week of school but that brought us to the beginning of everything else. Football season started for Brady. His third game of the season will be tomorrow night, a make up game from where they were rained out a couple of weeks ago. Belle decided she did not want to cheer this year and still put up an argument to play football. I shot it down only for her to find out there are like three other girls playing this year. She was not happy with me. Bryce decided that he was not trying out for basketball but did try out for the fall baseball team. He was truly disappointed when he was cut on the first day. I felt sorry for him but was not as disappointed as he was.

Last week, Sebastian's Mom sent Hubby another message on facebook. She has decided that she has had her last litter of kittens and was looking for a good home for one of her mama cats and her kitten. I was up in the air over it. I had 3 kids, 3 dogs and 3 cats. I felt we were running good with the number three. But cats! I love cats! And I still ache for babies. So she gave us Abi who is two:
And Ginger who is 3 months old (she is the white one):
So we have Chi Chi, who is 4, Gracie who is 3 and Daisy which we don't know how old she is but figure she is an older dog. Then we have Zeus who is also 3, Callie 2, Abi 2, Sebastian 4 months and Ginger 3 months. Then don't forget the three children who are so close to being teens they can practically taste it, especially Bryce who turns 13 next month.

Oh and this past Friday? My baby turned ten! That is so not right! I tried all day to correct him but he insists that he is 10 and not 2. I went to school Friday morning and had breakfast with him. Then I met up with Hubby so he could take me to work and he could go back to school and have lunch with Brady (think I've failed to mention that my van is out of commission for the time being). Brady had a friend spend the night, rented movies, had pizza, cake and ice cream. We also got to put four sugared-up kids to bed fairly early for a sleep over since the friend's Mom had already made plans for Saturday that required him being picked up at 8.

That brings me up to this point. I'm pretty sure I've missed something in there and eventually will remember and bring it up. Now I'm going to get ready for bed so that I can start another week tomorrow. And hopefully I'll be back around soon for another post.