Monday, October 15, 2007

100 Things About Me

I've been thinking about working on this for a while now and figured it was time to get it done. Here's my list:

1. I never thought I'd become a HUGE Harry Potter fan.
2. I played flute and piccolo in school.
3. I still watch ER even though I feel the show has lost it's groove.
4. I got married in 1996 at 19.
5. Many people thought it would fail, we are still going strong.
6. I have never smoked or did any kind of drug.
7. I am glad that I have two boys and not two girls, one girl is a handful.
8. I hate public speaking and am actually shy in most situations (except at home).
9. I have one "little" brother who is actually 9 inches taller than me.
10. I feel, at times, that I am a horrible mother.
11. I lived in Mississippi with my husband the first year we were married.
12. I love Diet Sundrop.
13. It cannot be found in any place that my husband's family lives.
14. I go through withdrawals when we visit his family.
15. I hate tomatoes and tomato soup but I like other food products that are made from tomatoes.
16. I hated fried okra until I got pregnant with Brady.
17. I love Halloween.
18. I have no fear of black cats since I used to have one.
19. I don't have any tattoos.
20. I had 3 sets of piercings in my ears. Two have grown up.
21. I type with my fingers on the correct keys.
22. I can type over 60 words per minute.
23. I used to wear beads in my hair, just because.
24. If I was younger, I'd still do it.
25. I love candles.
26. I hate my fingernails because they are square and look like they should be on a man's hand.
27. I don't like painting my nails because it draws attention to them and the paint peels the next day anyway.
28. My first and only concert that I attended was Kenny Chesney, Lila McCann and Yankee Grey. I was 21.
29. I hate that my husband drives a truck but grateful he has a job that supports us.
30. I was offered a scholarship to UT Martin based on my ACT scores.
31. I was .25 short of the required GPA in order to accept it.
32. I had a lot of friends growing up but I didn't have a "best friend" until we got a neighbor.
33. She was the maid of honor at my wedding and she was only 16.
34. She no longer speaks to me for unknown reasons.
35. My husband and I dated a short time in high school.
36. He tried to "break" me during a marching rehearsal the first day we met.
37. He couldn't.
38. My husband is hot natured and I am usually cold natured.
39. This causes problems when he wants to turn the thermostat down and I want it up.
40. He has learned to deal with it warmer and I have learned to deal with it colder.
41. I was a psych major the first time I entered college.
42. I had to change to a business major in order to receive funding to complete my degree.
43. I graduated from jr. college and turned 30 in the same year.
44. I lose and break sunglasses often so I buy cheap $5 glasses.
45. I had many people tell me at 25 that they thought I was 16.
46. My husband gets dirty looks when we go out on dates together.
47. I find this funny. He doesn't.
48. I hate driving in citites.
49. I read the last two Harry Potter books in 3 days.
50. I love mashed potatoes and gravy. With rolls.
51. I love to read but I'm not a big fan of poetry.
52. In high school I wanted to be a lawyer.
53. I changed my mind because I hated to stand in front of people and talk.
54. I still love to argue though.
55. I'm addicted to Sudoku puzzles.
56. They usually calm me.
57. I miss marching band.
58. I miss the thrill on being on the field.
59. I have only seen an ocean one time.
60. It was too cold to go in.
61. I have never been further west than Oklahoma City and Fort Worth.
62. I think I would love to travel internationally.
63. That scares me too.
64. I did not attend my ten year high school reunion.
65. I don't know if I'd attend the next one, if there is one.
66. I love music, but I have no rhythm.
67. I seldom drink coffee, even though I love it.
68. I hate politics. I think most politicians are liars.
69. I am a packrat. I hate throwing things away.
70. Caffeine does not help keep me awake during the day but will keep me up all night.
71. I usually beat Hubby in rummy when he plays me.
72. He stopped playing with me because of this.
73. I hate listening to people who come from the north try to pronounce names of places from the south.
74. I spent 3 1/2 weeks drawing and painting my bedroom in high school. I painted it with an artist's brush.
75. My parents paneled over my painting when I moved out.
76. I still have pictures of my patterns.
77. I started crocheting a blanket when Bryce was a teeny baby. I have taken it out more times than I can count. It's still not finished.
78. I don't understand football.
79. But I do have two favorite teams I root for.
80. My husband has two different favorite teams.
81. I don't like late night television. I find it stupid.
82. I can't sleep in socks unless my feet are cold.
83. If my feet are cold, I can't go to sleep until they warm up, which usually requires socks.
84. I love the music to Phantom of the Opera but I have never been able to sit down and watch any version all the way through.
85. I hate carrying purses but I do anyway.
86. I usually mow the yard during the week while Hubby is gone so that he has more time with us when he is home.
87. I hate websites that have so many ads that they take forever to load.
88. I eat french fries with honey mustard, sweet and sour or barbeque sauce.
89. I will only eat sweet and sour chicken and veggies from chinese restaurants.
90. Hubby and I aren't allergic to any medications but Brady and Belle are both allergic to different types of antibiotics.
91. I don't sleep well when Hubby isn't home but I won't take sleeping medication to help because I want to be alert if something happens.
92. My kids are one of the best things that I have.
93. I am amazed by siblings. I have seen siblings that aren't twins by birth but look so much alike. I can't believe that my kids are completely different, as are my brother and I.
94. I grow tomatoes even though I don't like them. I grow them because Belle does.
95. I grow squash as well. Brady cried when the plants died this year because he likes squash, too.
96. Even though I need the break, I sometimes find it hard to enjoy a night to myself.
97. I love a good, hot bubble bath. With candles.
98. I love Christmas, but hate the stress the holiday creates.
99. I miss my husband terribly when he's gone.
100. I talk to him more than once, every day.

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