Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From Hubs

From my darling Hubby on Valentine's Day! He definitely surprised me from far away!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well the decision has been made and we have finally determined where we are going to end up in the near future.


Hubs and I went over and over our options and then went over them again.  His current company has a location in Southern Indiana that he could transfer to or he could take a job with one of the last companies he worked for that would allow him to be home most nights, but again it would require us to move to Indiana.  So he is transferring to the Indiana hub.  He reports to work there on Monday and we will be following him during the summer so the kids can finish their school year here.

So that means we are working on the house.  So far I have been peeling some serious wallpaper and just for the record?  Whoever hung the wallpaper in my house should be drug out into the street and shot.

Just saying.

While the laundry room wallpaper is coming off and leaving behind a nice maroon paint behind (entirely too dark for the size of the room especially since it has no windows), the kitchen wallpaper was applied on top of wallpaper. The wallpaper that is behind it was literally glued to the wallboard so that stuff is not coming off without redoing the sheetrock and that is NOT going to happen.  So we will be wallpapering the kitchen again, albeit with a different paper that can be painted to give the room a nice effect.

Whew.  I'm tired just thinking about it.

I have also been looking at houses in the hopes that we will be able to sell our house quickly.  Naive? Yes, but I definitely hope for it.  I have found one house that Hubs and I both agree we LIKE. It has land, located in good school districts and is a style that we both agree on.  So rare!  Unfortunately, one drawback is that the schools do not offer an orchestra program for Belle and Brady. Brady has picked up the trumpet recently so he will have no problem moving over into band, but Belle has not played a band instrument.  She has shown interest in the clarinet and I hope reading music will be enough edge for her to start out. We shall see.

So much uncertainty! I hate it! And not only am I dealing with uncertainty but I am also dealing with a husband who is acting out because of the changes.  He is still hesitant about moving, despite the fact he starts his job so soon, but he also doesn't want to leave home now that he has been home so long, and I don't blame him for that.  However, if I could get him to understand that if he could help more with getting the house in order to sell that it will be sooner for us to be up there with him.  Men can be so hard headed!

Time for me to move on to bigger and better things. I mean like laundry. And dishes.  Yeah those things.  More on our upcoming move as details emerge, I promise. Until then...