Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last week was my first week as a full time employee in a very. long. time. Technically, when I went to work for Wal-Mart, I was a part time employee pulling full time hours. Seems to be a norm for that place. Anyhoo, when I left, I was down to working part time hours because of school. So it's been almost five years since I worked a full time job and that was only for a few months. And I survived. Actually I did more than survive. I thrived! I picked up on quite a bit of stuff and got my first paycheck on Friday. I'm actually excited! Friday evening, I was gonna cook hot dogs, and have a picnic in the living room with the kids. We went out instead. I was tired, didn't feel too swift and felt that they had earned a night out. We went out for chicken, picked up Race to Witch Mountain and came home to settle down. They enjoyed the movie, and didn't really argue when I said time for bed.

Saturday was a totally different day. Saturday, I felt horrible. I would've love to have spent the entire day sitting in a hot bath, I hurt that bad. Wouldn't you know, that's just not possible. So we went shopping. Mom and Dad had gotten me a gift card for Christmas and I had used it once to buy a pair of jeans. So I figured it was time to buy a couple of new tops that I could wear to work. So we headed north, stopped by Books-A-Million, Petsmart, Lifeway and the mall. Then we headed over to Wal-mart and out to dinner. By the time we were finished, I was spent. We came home, gave the kids baths and I settled down for one. Then Hubby and I both crashed.

This morning, I felt somewhat better. Not 100%, but much better than yesterday. Hubby got up this morning asking me what was the wise idea I had about knocking him around during the night. I had wondered if I had stirred him enough for him to remember it. Hubby had slipped onto his back during the night, and his breathing wasn't exactly a snore but wasn't breathing either. I finally started pushing on him, trying to get him to roll over so that he would sleep better. It took a lot of effort to stir him enough to roll him over but I succeeded! I was also up a while after that, too. He spent the day fussing at me because I interrupted his wonderful sleep that he was having. Of course the fact that he wasn't awake more than 60 seconds was irrelevant!

When we finally got moving this morning, I went to work on the kitchen that I had neglected and Hubby started mowing the yard. I stepped outside to talk to him and he small piece of concrete flying through the air. We both thought it had hit the house because of the sound, but a short time later, Hubby came in and let me know he did indeed break something. The back window on my van was shattered. So for the moment, I have a nice piece of black plastic covering the backside of my van until we get everything situated so that I can get a new window. Fun! I finished mowing the backyard before supper while Hubby took the time to delicately cover the window. This evening, I finished the kitchen, can't count the amount of laundry I've washed, and gave the dogs baths. Now I'm ready to crash and I'd better do it soon, because I've got to work tomorrow!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

This weekend left me with a decision. Friday, I returned home from work and found a message on my answering machine, a message from the doctor's office that I had applied for and interviewed with last week. They had called to offer me the position in their office. That position was part-time and since I had already landed a full time position, I couldn't see taking their part time offer. So I returned the call to let them know what I had found. They called back, not five minutes later, offering me full time. I was floored. After a year of searching, I had two offers on the table. Two good offers that I had to choose from. I am to call the doctors office tomorrow and let them know. Honestly, it's a tough decision. In a doctor's office, I can apply at any other medical office and have an edge because I've done it. At the pest control place, I am setting up their database for their clients. But the pest control place is a family run place. One that I can leave if the kids need me and it's ok. A medical office would be so much harder to do that. So I have decided to stay where I am.

Allow me to tell you about my morning. Hubby is still home because his load will not be ready until morning, so I climbed out of bed trying not to wake him. I failed miserably. I tripped over something at the end of the bed, almost fell backwards and grabbed the closet door to keep from getting hurt. As I reached for the door, I slammed it shut. Yeah. I was graceful this morning. So I mumbled my apologies and headed for the bathroom so that I could shower before work. I flushed the toilet and it went SNAP! Then the handle would jiggle but would not flush. So I got into the shower. After I got out, I figured I'd best reach into the tank and at least flush it. I checked the chain to find that it had ripped out of the valve, lifted the valve and pulled out my hand with this black gunk all over my fingers. I washed my hands and the stuff wasn't coming off! Finally, I made my way to the kitchen for an old toothbrush to scrub the stuff from my hands. The kids were up by this point, eating breakfast and brushing teeth, so I started a load of blue jeans thinking that maybe I'd have a minute to put them in the dryer before I left. For some reason, my brain was thinking that I was bleaching a shower curtain instead of washing the jeans that were clearly sitting in the washer and poured bleach into the dispenser. Crap! So I had to pull out the jeans, run the rinse cycle, and put them back in again sans bleach. I was steady fussing at the kids to come on, you're late, come on you're late, only to open the door and hear the bus coming down the street. So I yelled, "BUS!!!!" Three kids came running and high-tailed it for the end of the driveway. I left the house a short time later and stopped for a drink to take to work at the busiest place in town. I got to work, went to grab my purse to put my keys in it, only to realize that my purse was here, on the desk where I left it last night.

Things improved greatly after that but let me tell ya, when I got to work I was ready to go home, go back to bed and try again tomorrow. Let's hope tomorrow starts better than it did today!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Official!

I have a job! A full time job! A friend of a friend works in an office at a local pest control place and told her boss she needed help. Then told them I know computers, have a degree and next thing I know they're saying, "Can you start tomorrow?" How cool is that???

This week I have signed Belle back up for strings and cheerleading, signed Brady up for football, and signed Bryce up to play the drums in the band. Tomorrow, I sign Brady up for violin. This needs to stop already! Why do kids think they need to do everything thrown at them?

Not much else left to mention except that it's been a long day, I've still got dishes to put in the dishwasher and two kids left to shower before I can call it a day. Any exciting news in your neighborhood?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Starting Again

It's the time of year that brings us to this:School officially started last Wednesday. So far they like their teachers, have enjoyed their first three days and are looking forward to tomorrow. Also starting is the running. Brady is playing football and his first practice is tomorrow evening. Belle has decided to continue playing the viola and her first after-school practice is tomorrow as well. Bryce has decided he wants to be in band instead of orchestra so Thursday we will be back up to the middle school as he tries out various instruments to decide what it is he wants to do. So the running is officially beginning.

Last weekend Belle started laughing while she was sitting at the table eating. I was standing at the sink washing dishes, again, when she told me to look up. Here's what I saw.Zeus had climbed his way onto the top of my cabinets for a nap. Hubby got the full picture for me since he's a tad bit taller. About a week and a half ago, I had to take Bryce in for a check-up and tetanus shot in order for him to be able to start school. His height is in the 90th percentile compared with other kids his age. Um, duh! Like I already didn't realize that my 11 year old was tall. Over all he is healthy and she helped us with one other task. She told him that he might sleep better if he took his night light out of his room. So we are now on two whole weeks without a night light and the bags under his eyes have lightened up greatly. One less thing to worry about!

One other thing that had me ecstatic last week was that I had a job interview! A real job interview! I went in Thursday afternoon and sat down with the lady that is over the hiring. We discussed what she was looking for, I typed for her and she showed me the software they were using. They are supposed to discuss the candidates this weekend (they had another interview Friday) and then pick a couple that they think are promising to come in and work for a few hours in a working interview. Hopefully I will hear something tomorrow about that.

I have been working over the last couple of weeks, too. Not working outside of the home but doing things around the house. We let our flower bed get out of hand this summer, mainly because we've been busy with everything else, so the last two weeks I have been pulling weeds. And grass. And clover. Now the flower beds in front of the house are cleaned out and I like a six foot section at the end of the house. Then it will be all nice and neat. Yesterday, I prepped some serious squash for freezing. When I finished, I had 9 quart bags of squash ready to store in my freezer. This evening, I mowed our yard while Hubby trimmed. Now I have a nice neat yard as well. If only I could do that to the inside of the house.