Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Proud Mom

Not too long ago, Belle came in with paperwork that she wanted me to fill out.  She wasn't completely sure what it was, just knew that she had been nominated for something and that she wanted to be a part of it.  She had been "chosen" to join the Duke Talent Search program which would allow to her take the ACT any time between now and her sophomore year.  There was no way we were NOT going to allow her to do this and the fact she wanted to made it that much more important for us to sign her up.  She went last month and took the ACT for the first time at 13 years old.  By that point she was hesitant.  None of her friends were going to be there. It was being taken at the high school with the high school kids.  Because it was at the high school, I took her in, signed her in and walked her to her classroom.  When it was over, I was waiting in the parking lot for her and she was completely unsure of how she had done. Said there was so many questions that she had no idea about. Scores came in the mail last week and...

We are so very proud of her!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Blues

It seems I get at least a touch of them every year and this year is no different.

And I hate it.

I crave sunlight and fresh air to clear my head.  To get outside and move around and not feel confined by the walls crowding in on me.  I know that if I am suffering from it that my family must be, too, but it's hard to remember that at 6am when the boys are arguing (again!!!) and Belle is arguing with every word I say.

Did you know the sky isn't blue?  If I say it is then it must not be true because according to Belle everything that I say is wrong.  Up is down and left is right and rightiswrongandohmygoshchildstop TALKING OVER ME AND LISTEN...

And then I feel bad, because it's not their fault. I know it is just the time of year and add a bit of hormones and a touch of uncertainty and I get this tangle of emotions that I struggle to control. Tears flow easily  for no reason at all it seems. Not only am I fighting every waking hour to keep control but my unconscious is fighting me, too. Dreams that linger long after I wake, tears flowing from the cruelty I inflict upon my self .  Then I put my mask on and go to work and hope it doesn't crack until I can get to bed again. Tomorrow's another day right?

Hurry, spring, hurry! My family needs you!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Your Child

Hubs and I have a running thing about "your" child.  Usually "your" child shows up whenever one of them have done something they shouldn't have but occasionally it is a true example of the child we used to be.  I saw Hubs in Brady not too long ago. 

The kids have figured out that empty water bottles are excellent for shooting lids across a room, especially Brady.  He takes pride in stalling when he's told to throw them out to show me his excellent "shooting" skills.  This particular afternoon was no different.  He grabbed the bottle, loosened the cap, and paused.  You could see the gears turning in his mind.  He was thinking.  Hard.

Callie was sitting only four feet in front of him, a distance he knew he could easily make. 

You could see the horns growing out the top of his head.  You could see Hubs take form sitting there on the floor.

"Don't even think about it!" stopped him in his tracks.  Busted! The bottle quickly made its way to the trash.

As I told the story to Hubs that night, he didn't deny that child.  The same guilty, pleased grin crept across his face.  The apple certainly didn't fall far from the tree.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Ideas, New Post

I hate resolutions.  For some it is a yearly challenge to choose resolutions and stick with them as long as possible.  For me?  It is something for me to forget that I had meant to do after a couple of days.  So I don't even bother to make any.  However, that doesn't mean I don't have intentions during the year to change things in my life.  It does seem that I have a lot of those intentions at the beginning of the year.  Today is no different.  So to start the new year, I am going to attempt to start off on the right foot with a couple of different things.  I failed to start off eating better.  I've had more caffeine and sugar than I need.  I haven't exercised today so that knocks that out of the water, too.  And I have definitely lost my cool over a couple of minor things that I wish I hadn't have done.  But what's done is done and I have to learn from my mistakes.  I will blog, in the hopes that maybe by doing something I would like to improve on, that maybe, just maybe, something else will fall in line tomorrow.  We will see what happens.

Tomorrow I return to work after being off for the last week on vacation.

I. Really. Don't. Want. To. Go. Back.




I spent the last week catching up on my laundry, spending time with my family at Christmas, un-decorating the tree, straightening up my laundry room, playing Band Hero with all three kids, playing Scrabble with Belle and Brady, working on a puzzle with Belle and Brady, taking the kids to the park (even though we left shortly after we got there because Brady wasn't feeling well), and I attempted to take them to the library but unfortunately for us, the day I took them, they were closed.  Oh well.  Next time.  I remember now what it's like being a stay at home mom.  To be able to do what I need to when I need to and spend some quality time with the kids.  I'm sure if I had taken my vacation on a week when the kids were in school, I would remember how bored I got because I can only do so much housework before I'm ready to stop.  Needless to say, I enjoyed my time off and am not ready to get back into the swing of working just yet.  Oh to have one more week!

Hubs and I are still weighing our options on his job situation.  We have been back and forth on the spectrum about moving and staying home.  Find a new job or transfer in the company.  Move the kids or let them finish school where they are.  So many decisions to make!  The kids are aware of the choices that we are facing and for now are excited at the prospect of moving.  Hubs, however, isn't so sure it is a good idea, having made the same move at the same age Bryce is now.  Difference is we have three kids who are ready to move on to bigger and better things and meet new people where Hubs didn't want to leave his friends and family.  Oh how things have changed!

I find it time for me to collect my things and get ready for bed.  Work is going to come really early in the morning as much as I hate to go back!  So a question for those who occasionally stop by...

Do you make resolutions?  What have you made?  Any recommendations on how to stick with the things I would like to improve?  I would love to hear from you!

Happy New Year to all my readers and may 2012 be a great year to you!