Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Almost That Time of Year! Again!

Today is the last day of the kids summer vacation. They are definitely ready judging by the number of arguments and short tempers that I've seen over the last couple of weeks. Belle is beyond excited to be starting middle school. I was just listening to her sing about tomorrow being the first day of school. Bryce is really indifferent about moving up to 8th grade and I think Brady is excited to have the elementary school to himself. They have their school supplies bought, separated and labeled ready to get on the bus in the morning. And it has to be the bus because it isn't cool to have Mom drop us off anymore. At least until it's not cool to ride the bus and they want rides full time. That's when I will have to remind them, "Remember that time you started school in 2011 and didn't want me to take you to school???" Yes, I am that parent. And then I will drive them to school if I am able to because that's what my mom did for me.
Also Bryce has grown almost a full inch in the six weeks. No matter how hard I try, the boy will just not stop growing! I would really like to be able to see over the top of his head again without having to stand on a stool. I just cut his hair and had to make him sit down in a chair just so I could make sure I didn't miss a spot. It's just so unfair!
I have not mentioned how insanely hot it is here. Belle took that picture in my car tonight at 7PM! At 5pm it was reading 103. I don't even want to think what it registered earlier in the day. This is one of the times that I am very grateful that I work in an office.

Today is one of the days that I am glad I work in such a small office. Hubs truck broke down last week and I have been running to the next town to pick him up and drop him off.  We leave around 2:30am to drop him off, I return about 4:30am and then attempt to get a little more sleep before getting up again, then I would go back and get him when I got off on the days he came home.  Today, my boss's son was in the next town and only a couple of miles from where Hubby parks his truck. I called Little Bossman and requested he pick up my husband since he would be finishing up his last job of the day around 2, Hubs was already in town and I didn't get off until 5. He gladly did so and even took him home when he got to town! Loved it! Made our evening a lot easier and he got to bed a lot earlier because of it. Some days I love my job!

Very short post from me today, but unfortunately I have "homework." With school starting tomorrow, I have two kids worth of paperwork to fill out in order for them to be able to start school. I am almost as impatient as they are, just waiting to hear about their first day. Almost.