Sunday, November 13, 2011

So Many Milestones!

When I went back to work, I never dreamed how hard it would be for me to get motivated to do even the smallest of tasks.  There are days that I am constantly on the go, doing laundry, running the kids, washing dishes, and still don't have enough hours in the day.  Then there are the days that I don't want to get out of the bed, don't want to go to work, don't want to do laundry or dishes and want to go to bed as soon as I can possibly get the kids in theirs.  I fluctuate between those extremes fairly often and it's such a disappointment, especially when I am ready for bed at 8pm.  It interferes with my me time!  Like for blogging!  And Words with Friends!  I have seriously cut back on my facebook time as of late simply because it doesn't interest me.  I may glance through it but after a couple of minutes I'm caught up and on to bigger and better things.  Usually sleep.
School is going well for the kids. Football season is over and Brady has now moved on to basketball.  He also turned 11 a few weeks back.  My baby is 11!!
When did this happen??  Wasn't he just a baby in my arms yesterday?  And I love the little bits that he has to share with me.  Like when he told me today he weighed 70 pounds without his head.  I prefer he weigh the full 80 pounds.  He decided a few weeks back that he also wanted to join band and play trumpet.  His closest friends have decided to join band and he wanted to be a part of that group too.  So a trumpet player he is trying to become. 

He came home from school one afternoon and informed me he wanted to be Johnny Appleseed for Halloween.  I didn't argue.  I think he made a fine choice. 
Belle has been doing well in school, is on the school news team and seems to have fun each day.  She tried out for basketball, made the 7th grade team and just this past week turned in her jerseys.  There are people who are made for coaching and people who aren't and her coach was not made for coaching in my opinion.  There is a difference between coaching and bullying and her coach crossed that line, again, in my opinion.  So she decided that it wasn't for her right now and I support her decision no matter how much it breaks our hearts (mine especially!).  She became a teenager a couple of weeks back. 
She was certainly ready for the challenge.  I think she's been ready to be a teenager since she was 8.  She informed me that she wanted me to make her a blanket and I have spent the last couple of days working on it. Yet another thing that has been keeping me busy. 

Bryce is doing well in school.  He will be attending All-District for band tomorrow and Quad State in a couple of weeks, huge accomplishments for this area.  He turned 14 the day after Belle turned 13.
He is shaving now.  I know. He was just a baby not too long ago.  I distinctly remember holding him and wondering how I was going to take care of him, he was so little.  Now he's over 5'9".  Not so little anymore. 

The new company Hubs is working for held a conference call for all of their drivers Thursday of last week.  A half hour later I received a tweet from the local news station that his employer was announcing the closing of the terminal he is working out of.  His new job, his dream job, is now on the line as they are closing the doors in the spring cutting 240 jobs.  Not all of the employees knew when the story broke nor had the drivers had time to tell the families.  That tweet was how I found out my husband was losing his job.  While there will be a handful of drivers in the area, the majority of them will have to relocate or find other jobs in an area where there are really no good jobs to be had. The possible few local jobs that will be left will be subject to a wage change and will not be paid as well.  We are seriously, seriously, seriously considering relocating.  So much so that we are both going through the motions to see what we need to do to be ready.  What does the house need done to sell?  Where are there jobs within his company that are available?  Making sure the areas we look at have good schools for the kids.  I hate the uncertainty.  I hate the idea of moving the kids from their schools but when it comes to being able to provide for their basic needs, there isn't much of a choice.  It was me who initially said maybe we should go somewhere else.  It is never me who says lets get out of this town. 

I think it's time for me to update my Words with Friends games, put my dogs out for one last time and get some sleep.  Oh to not be so tired!

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