Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Seventeen and Eighteen

Krista and Shane turned 17 and 18 respectively last week.

I'm not sure when these kids got so big but I blinked and this is what I found.  Two wonderful, smart, funny kids who are practically adults. I couldn't ask for more from these two.

This past weekend all three kids went to Indianapolis for the band semi-state competition.  They missed going to state by 1.8 points and were so disappointed.  I hated to see the season end.  This is the only time since they all reached high school that they were all involved in the same thing.  Since Shane attends a different high school than Krista and Ty, I thought it would never happen. This year the band had a wonderful show that had a lot of props involved.  As soon as they started recruiting help, Ty enlisted Shane and Krista so they all got to be on the field together.  
Shane and Krista weren't only prop help, but characters in the show as well.  Here they are in uniform/costume before their performance Saturday.  I am very proud of the hard work these three put into the show this season and am sad to see it end!

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