Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I wish I could say that I've been busy and that it's been keeping me from blogging but that's not really the case. I really haven't had any good blogging material! I met up with Hubby at my parents house after the baby shower on Saturday. I adjusted a few things on Mom's computer while I was there, instructed her to run a couple of programs and we headed off to the house to keep up with the busy weekend. That included a trip to the grocery store because I had completely exhausted all of the groceries in my house. By the time I finished, the new Aerosmith Guitar Hero was in my cart. Hubby had been drooling over the idea of it ever since he heard that it was coming out. I spent most of Saturday evening and Sunday watching the back of his head and various colors roll across the tv screen. Sunday also seemed to be a blah day. All I really felt like doing was crying and reading. I had no real desire to do much of anything. Hubby was wonderful enough to put the kids to bed so that all I had to do was relax. I also mentioned here that I fell in love with Greg Iles while on vacation. I took the kids to the library one day last week and borrowed the book that I started while in Natchez and didn't get to finish. It was in my hands most of the weekend if I was sitting down.

I could not put it down. I finished it Sunday night.

Yesterday and today have had my neighbors nieces running in and out of our houses playing with Belle. It also brought me a visit both days from a good friend of mine who happened to be in town visiting her family. Kids have been running through this house like wildfire over the last two days. I finished mowing my yard yesterday (Hubby mowed my front yard Sunday afternoon) and also mowed a neighbors yard. Today I spent some time checking in on my neighbor after she had some tests ran yesterday and spent some time with her son and nephew. And got spit up on. Again. I swear that her son knows when I hold him because in all the times that I have held him he has spit up on me at least once except for one time. One. I'll gladly deal with a little bit of spit up if I can see him give that big grin and giggle. He is such a cutie.

Tomorrow I have been seriously considering taking the kids back to the library and getting them their own library cards. I have never gotten them one for no particular reason but now that they are older they are wanting to borrow more than one book at a time. So I have almost decided it would be in my best interest (and theirs) to sign them up for their own cards. Maybe tomorrow will bring a more interesting blog topic as well.


txmomx6 said...

So did they get their own cards? Mine were SO excited when we did that. They felt so big!
Thanks for sharing --- some blog days seem more like blah days. It's like looking for the silver lining in the proverbial cloud. It's usually there, though it's sometimes very difficult to see.

ShortyMom said...

They did get their cards and were so excited when I told them that I was going to sign them up! Now to get them to actually read the books they bring home...