Thursday, July 31, 2008


I've been trying to write a new post. Trying very, very hard but it's been tough. I just have run out of things to say. Oh my gosh! I have nothing to say!


Actually I did start a new piece earlier this week, but it's still stuck in draft form since I haven't had the chance to finish it. I've been trying to get pictures together of the kids to post but I still need to get a picture of Bryce before I can do that. I've been meaning to take pictures of the puppies to show how big they've gotten. Haven't gotten to that either. There are a few things I have finished though. I have:

☺Picked up school supplies for all three kids except their backpacks (they will pick those out tomorrow.)

☺Taken the kids to their back-to-school night to meet their teachers, find their classrooms, and discover who is in their classes for this year.

☺Cleaned the house so that we could have a home visit from Brady's teacher(s) today. We had the opportunity to have visits from Belle and Bryce's teachers as well but it didn't work out.

☺Given the puppies a much needed bath.

☺Got to spend time with Hubby today (on his birthday!) when he got to stop in town for a couple of hours! It's very seldom that he gets to come by the house in the middle of the work week.

☺Went back tonight and picked up the living room, washed dishes and straightened bathrooms so that those rooms stay clean. For now.

☺Changed to my new purse that Hubby bought me on my birthday, over a week after he bought it.

☺I sewed an ear back on a stuffed dog and stitched a seam on a pillow for Bryce, things he's been impatiently waiting for me to do for months.

☺Enjoyed the trailer for the new Harry Potter movie that debuted yesterday and got the boys hyped up for the movie.

☺Picked out a new door knob for my bedroom door when mine broke and I feared I was going to eventually end up trapped in my own bedroom. Every time I shut my door, it got increasingly harder to open. I let Hubby install it this time.

I need to get a couple of pictures of my african violet now that the blooms have really opened up and practically exploded. I need to shoot my crepe myrtle, too, now that it has bloomed. Frost nipped it last year so late in the spring that it actually came back up from the roots and only produced two blooms the entire year. Two lousy, little blooms. I was excited to see that it's really produced well this year.

I also told Hubby that I want to get two more cats (female, please) and name them Bert and Ernie. Yes I know that it's bad to give male names to female pets but you know, it gets very old trying to keep an eye on Zeus to make sure that he's not sneaking around trying to mark something in the house. Two females are so much easier.

Hopefully in the next day or so I will have finished my picture-taking and will have another post. I promise not to find two new cats. I have enough on my plate. I think.

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Ladybird said...

I am super-uper excited about the HP movie! Did you also hear that JKR is realeasing another book? She gave the press release yesterday (HP's b-day LOL!) that said she is releasing Beatle the Bards book on Dec 4th! Emily and I are going to stand in line for it too! LOL!

I can't wait for the pictures! I love your pictures! And I am glad that you posted again. I was about to send you a 'I am concerned about you' email!