Monday, June 9, 2008


We've been keeping busy here in our household. Everything going on has definitely been keeping me on my toes. A couple of weeks back Brady called me into the kitchen to look at the cat. This is how I found him:He had climbed on top of my counter, jumped onto the fridge and then climbed on top of my cabinets. In the picture he is checking out the first aid kit (that I have to put up there to keep Brady out of the band-aids.)

We have also been trying to get things ready to put up the pool we bought earlier in the year. Currently this is how my backyard looks:

And we are no where near finished. It has been figured that we will have to dig down around two feet at the highest point so that the pool will be level. What is tilled up is only half of what will have to be leveled so we still have quite a ways to go.

Friday night Belle was supposed to spend the night with a friend down the street. She called complaining that her throat was hurting and finally said that she wanted to come home. Her throat was red so I sprayed it with Chloraseptic and put her to bed. Saturday, Brady got up complaining about a sore throat as well. His tonsils were swollen and by that afternoon he was running a fever. Sunday afternoon, I drove him to our medical group which also runs a weekend clinic. The diagnosis was tonsillitis and red ear and they placed him on antibiotics (he was asking Dad about "tonsilsitis" afterwards). When I returned, I called Belle in to unload the dishwasher (her chore) only to find that she had done so while I was at the doctor with Brady. Did so without being told and even went as far as to clean off the kitchen table. I was ever so proud. Now if only she will clean her room like that...

Brady has also been complaining that he wants to be able to sleep in his bed without the night light. Unfortunately, he shares a room with Bryce who absolutely has to have a light in order to sleep (he gets this from me). So after a lot of complaining and carrying on last night, I told him I would fix the problem. Here is the solution:

While this didn't completely block out all of the light because it still glowed just a bit through the blanket, it was enough to satisfy his need for a dark room. The end of the bed is still open so that he has air traveling through (so he could breathe was my excuse) and very little if no light comes through that end of the bed. He informed me that he doesn't actually breathe at night so he didn't really need an opening but was willing to settle without covering the opening. Tonight is the first night we have tried this (last night he had fallen asleep by the time I got in there and the blanket fell by morning) and so far there have been no complaints. I changed from how I had it hanging last night so hopefully it won't fall off the bed tonight.

I have gotten to spend quite a bit of time with my neighbor lately as her hubby is currently in Iraq. I have really enjoyed playing with her baby who has the sweetest temperament I've ever seen. Just saying hi to him is enough to get him to give you the biggest grin that lights up the room. Today we let her nieces and my three kids enjoy her pool while we watched the babies she cares for on her deck. The babies napped for the most part as the kids had a blast in the pool. Helps make me impatient for the day that we finally get ours up.

The kids seem to be enjoying their vacation, but are also enjoying their arguing. We have certainly had what seems like more than our fair share. They haven't gotten to the point that we are so bored they want to go back to school. Yet. They are really looking forward to going to see the Gulf of Mexico and spending time on our vacation with some of Hubby's family. We are looking forward to a vacation away from here. We'll see how fast time goes between now and the day we leave. Hopefully not too slow but we'll see.

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