Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Day at the Park

The kids have been asking me, continually, to take them to the park since school let out. They asked again yesterday while I was chatting with my neighbor. She (M.A.) had the idea that we needed to take my three kids, her four month old son, three month old nephew, and her pair of 3 year old (one is almost four) nieces to the park and McDonalds for lunch. So we did. We loaded up all of the kids in both of our vehicles and headed for McD's. They wasted no time getting through their lunches so that we could get to the park. M.A. brought her camera along and took some wonderful pictures of the kids while they were playing (over 100 pictures!). I'm only sharing pictures of my kids because I know I wouldn't want someone else putting up pictures of my kids without my knowledge.
Brady's picture was taken at the end of the afternoon when they were exhausted and he was irritated with Bryce. While M.A. took pictures of the kids, I got to sit with the babies. The sleeping nephew and her son who I had a complete cooing conversation with were wonderful. Even though all of the older kids played well together yesterday, mine didn't really give me any problem with arguing after we got home, I paid for this trip today. Brady has had more meltdowns than I can count so I put him to bed early. They all had a blast and hopefully we'll get the chance to take them back again.

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