Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've been running around here like a mad woman most of this week. We are preparing to leave on vacation and I've been trying to put everything together. I've got the pets taken care of, my list of things that I need to pack, and most of the clothes washed. And I've been cleaning. And cleaning. Did I mention cleaning? I am one of those people who leave for a trip and want my house spotless - ok somewhat clean - when I leave. So by the time I head for my bed here shortly (I hope) I will have a clean living room, bathrooms and kitchen. I have a few loads of clothes to finish washing, packing and putting away before we leave. Just today, I have mowed 2 1/2 yards, took Belle to a birthday party, picked up a few things for our trip and cleaned up a few things.

Oh yeah. And I'm going to get to spend some time on a real beach. That's right. None of those man-made lake things like they have here. A real beach on the Gulf of Mexico. I also have a new swimsuit for the occasion, my first in 6 years. My camera is on my list of things to take so that I can capture the kids firsts of being on a real beach. We are spending one night on the gulf before traveling up to spend a few days with Hubby's family which also includes watching the fourth of July fireworks display over the Mississippi River, something we haven't gotten to do for three years now. The kids are more than excited and are bouncing off walls anticipating the trip. I'll have picture up when we return.

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Ladybird said...

I hope that you guys have a wonderful time! Think of us landlocked people when you have that warm sand between your toes!