Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There are a lot of times in your children's lives when they make you feel so proud but also so stupid in an instance. Yesterday was on of those times as Brady and I sat on the porch watching heat lightning in the distance.

"Mom, do you see that cloud right there?"


"Does it make a vortex and...."

That's where I lost him. I don't remember anything about vortexes from school so I simply told him, "I don't know." I'm excited that he knows something about vortexes at such a young age but I hate it when he asks me questions that I can't answer. Makes me feel old. Finally, he stopped asking questions and sat quietly as we listened to the crickets and the night. They're getting fewer and farther between but I love those times that I can sit with them one on one and enjoy just them.

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