Monday, August 4, 2008

Starting Point - Again

Things have been crazy here. As always. I don't think life with three kids is ever not crazy. The kids have been trying to keep busy on the last few days of their summer vacation. I never did get a picture of Bryce simply because if he did get up to do something, I was never close to my camera or was in the middle of something and couldn't get to it. I did get pictures of Belle and Brady flipping on the trampoline.That is one of their favorite things to do. I finally set their little pool up only a month after I took it down before we left on vacation. They have spent a little bit of time in it and took enjoyment in trying to hide from the camera.We also had issues with accidents last week. One night, as I was putting the boys to bed, Brady decided he needed to stand up in his bottom bunk and push the mattress up on the top bunk. With his head. Well Bryce went to go to bed and climbed up without realizing that Brady's head was under the mattress and the outcome was a nice bruise on his cheek.The same morning that I took that picture I found this bruise on Belle's chin.Apparently, the neighbor and she were playing and Belle got whacked with a toy on accident. I didn't realize this until she got up the next day and found that bruise. Four days before school started. Have I mentioned that the kids school tends to take individual pictures early? As in the second week of school? I failed to mention that, huh. If I'm lucky, they will have healed by picture day.

I finally got pictures taken of my flowers so that I can show the big blooms on my violet and my nicely blooming crepe myrtle. Shows that my thumb is not completely black. I was so excited to see my pink blooms since my neighbors bush bloomed over a month ago and has already started putting out a second round of buds. I just wanted mine to bloom once!

Not only can I grow flowers but I can grow puppies too! I got the pictures taken now that they've gotten bigger, have their eyes open and can walk and run. They're 4 1/2 weeks in these pictures and had just had a bath.The black one is the only one we have not gotten a home for yet and if it was up to Brady, we'd be keeping her. He positively loves her. She has wrapped herself around each person in this house, including and especially Hubby. She doesn't have a name yet but the kids are determined to call her Cutie Pie. The brown puppy on the top row is the little girl that is going to my neighbors sister. She hasn't been named yet either but I refer to her as baby girl. She has got to be my favorite. I just love to hold her! The other brown puppy is going to my neighbor's mother who has decided to name him Buzz. I just refer to him as Chunky Butt since he is by far the biggest of all the puppies. I hate to have to give them up but I can't handle anymore pets right now.

In the middle of trying to keep the kids occupied, I finished putting their school supplies together, tried to keep the house picked up and decided that I had to shampoo the carpets. So I called Mom and robbed her of her carpet shampooer. I've almost finished the boys room (waiting on Hubby to come home and move their bed) and have about half of Belle's room finished. While doing all of this, I decided I needed "last day of summer vacation" pictures.Our neighbor was helping Belle move stuff off of her floor and onto her bed so I could work on her floor. Bryce was busy making sure that he was getting in some good drawing time and Brady was playing with his new slinky. I didn't realize until after I had downloaded them that Belle had been taking pictures with my camera yesterday and must have touched the lens because they all had blurs on them. That has now been fixed. And then there was final picture this morning before I drove them to school.They look ready to impress their new teachers, don't they?

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