Monday, February 23, 2009

I Got Nothing

I have sat here for the last little bit, knowing that this posting screen is sitting here in the background while I watch CSI on And this blank screen? It's taunting me! It knows that I have been sitting here trying to figure out what I can put up today. And it's laughing at me because I still haven't figured it out. I could tell you how Bryce left Friday night and spent Friday and Saturday nights with a buddy for a birthday party. The only real thing that I could report is that he had a great time and did wonderful by not calling me asking me to come home! I could tell you how a big part of our weekend revolved around watching music videos on youtube. Pink's So What video is very addicting. Finally I could tell you that we took the kids to their end of the season basketball party at one of the local athletic centers. While they had a great time, it was really uneventful. They spent two hours swimming, using the batting cages and going up the rock climbing wall before receiving their trophies. My time was spent sitting on the bleachers (talking to the neighbor child's mom) while watching the kids swim because there was not any time that I didn't have one child in the pool. Hubby went from station to station making sure that Brady's head wasn't taken off with a baseball (my fear) and spotting on the rock climbing wall.

Yesterday, Bryce returned from his party totally spaced out. He was so tired that it was all he could do to function really. I can't tell you how funny it was to watch him and his buddy (who rode with us) walk out the door to leave for the basketball party. Both of them looked like zombies, they were so tired! They made it through the party without incident, but Bryce could not take the trash out without incident afterward. He decided he needed to run as he rolled the trash down the driveway behind him and didn't realize how close he was pulling the can to his body. The can caught up with his foot and he tripped. I never realized how dangerous it was to wheel a can down the driveway because the boy ended up with a huge bruise on his hip, scuffed knees, hands and knuckles, ripped jeans and even a scraped on the back of his shoulder. I'll have to remember that a trash can can beat someone up the next time I go around it!

So as I try to go on and accomplish something today beside piles of laundry, I ask you to please remember my sister-in-law and her family. Hubby's middle sister lost her house to a fire last night. They were not home and had a few changes of clothes with them, but they lost everything else and the house is a total loss. Thanks!


Ladybird said...

Your family is in my prayers.

janjanmom said...

Any post is a good post. You conquered the blank screen.

I will pray for your family.

Paralegal Diva said...

Prayer said. Amen.