Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting Back into the Swing of Things - Again

Ever since my internet came back up after the ice storm, it has been intermittent. I could have a signal for a couple of hours only to shut down my browser and lose that signal for three hours. Monday evening around seven, my signal went down and stayed down until Tuesday morning. When I got up Tuesday and got the kids ready for school, my modem indicated that I had a signal. By the time they got on the bus and I got back to the living room, the signal was gone. A short time later, my internet came up again for a short time. This was the way the day went until around seven again. About seven, the signal was gone and stayed gone until yesterday morning where it came back on long enough for me to see I had a lot of email waiting on me. It started coming working and then would stop again until last night when it finally came on and stayed on. I called my isp on Wednesday morning for him to return my call yesterday morning - while I was at the grocery. He left his number again and I called him back to leave him yet another voicemail. He still has not returned that call. Now, I have internet and am seriously considering a new provider. But for now, I can get online.

My neighbor called on Wednesday morning and asked if I could babysit for her. Of course, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to have him. So from 7am to just after 7pm, he stayed with me. We napped, played, and had some serious food. Then she called Thursday evening, asking me to watch him again yesterday. Little man pulled up against the wall to check out why Belle was knocking on the window. Callie stretched up the wall about the time I snapped the picture.I knew my kids were getting big but I didn't realize how big until I saw this. Then I was amazed. And saddened.

The kids have been busy getting back into the groove of school without basketball practices. That has been very hard to do since Belle and Brady's coach had parties for the teams on Wednesday and Thursday. Belle went to a local mexican restaurant with her team while Brady's team threw a party at the local bowling alley with bowling, pizza, cake and trophies for winning the championship. And we are officially finished with the season. I hope.

Right now, Hubby is standing on our bed, installing a new ceiling fan to replace the one we lost in the storm. A few moments ago, he called me to the bedroom to tell me he was warm. So I lovingly blew towards him in an effort to cool him down. He shot me a look and asked me to turn on the box fan on the chair. I was just trying to help.

I'm off to start some dumplings for supper. If all works out, maybe I'll be back tomorrow with another post. Maybe.

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janjanmom said...

Next time quip back with, "No baby, you're not warm, you're HOT!" It will probably get the same response.

I'm glad you are back to posting. Now I just want to know what is on the other side of that window!It must have been good if even the cat wanted to see.