Monday, June 15, 2009

I Swear, I'm Trying!

When I started this blog, my intentions were to write about things going on in the family while working on my writing technique. It seems more and more that it is becoming a place for me to air my thoughts and complaints instead and that isn't what I want. I have to stop and force myself to think because days like today? I immediately remember the fighting that started within 15 minutes of breakfast. The arguing. The moaning and groaning. But with a little effort I can go back and remember how Brady decided to sneak off to the bathroom and write all over his face, how Belle cleaned up the bathroom by wiping down the sink, straightening shoes (that should've been put away) and folding wet towels to put on the back of the toilet for tomorrow (that I went back and hung up) and how I taught Bryce to cook his first frozen pizza, a skill that he will need for many years to come. I have to stop and think about how I noticed today one of Brady's eyes was darker than the other, Belle's hair is getting lighter from the summer sun, and how much taller Bryce has already gotten.

Then I think about other things that have been going on. Some things that I can't share and others that strike me as boring to write about (or rather scaring off what few readers I have). I think about issues that I consider blogging about but don't for the fear that I will come off as griping and complaining again so I put them aside, such as an experience Belle had last week at a local VBS (that story to come in a later post). Then I'm at a loss as to what to write about. I mean our days are basically the same day in and out. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some arguing, fighting, sassing and playing thrown in at various points. Then baths and bedtime only to start over again tomorrow. Add a 16-month old to the mix on some days. Things can get crazy but run of the mill crazy.

So I am asking for help. An topics you want to hear my thoughts on? Any questions you've wondered but didn't ask? Anything you want to know about me that you'd like me to possibly share? Ask away. I could use the topic.

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