Monday, June 8, 2009


I am sitting here trying to reflect on what I have shared and haven't shared as of late. The kids are enjoying their summer vacation. Thursday, Mom gave me a call and Brady answered the phone. After a quick hello, his next words were "CanwespendthenightonThursdayandFridaynight?" I swear there was no breaks in that sentence! We got up Thursday, went after Hubby, rented some movies for me and Hubby to watch, and Brady had his class party that had been canceled the week before. As soon as the party was over, I loaded them up (they had already packed) and took off to drop them off for two nights of child-free quiet.

Thursday night, we returned home, and Hubby and I showed how exhausted we were. We rented six movies, watched one and then crashed. We sacked out for the night by 11pm. Friday morning, we slept in, got up and went about our day. We ended up driving up north to the mall where I picked up a pair of $36 jeans for $13! Hubby got a few fishing lures and I got some bubble bath from Bath and Body works. I picked up two $9.50 bottles for $5! I was excited! We came back, watched four movies, played a little basketball and went to bed.

Saturday morning, I picked up the kids, brought them home, and ran to the grocery because I didn't shop on Friday. The kids played on the slip'n'slide all afternoon (Belle had a friend over) and we burned some of the wood in the backyard so the kids enjoyed toasting marshmallows before bed. Sunday, Hubby went back to his truck and is headed for New York again, and the kids and I came home to finish our day.

Now Belle and Brady just came in from playing in the water, Bryce is still outside in it. Little Man just woke up from a much needed nap after spending an hour upset before finally falling asleep. Seems he had a belly ache and was very upset over the whole deal when it finally subsided for him to sleep. Almost three hours later, he's up and running and doing great!

This weekend was great. I needed the recharge with the kids gone. Out of the six movies we rented, two I didn't care for a whole lot, one I haven't seen, and two were ok. Taken was a great movie though. That was the only one I would recommend out of the ones we rented. Now the kids have all moved inside so it's time for me to put my computer aside. Maybe tomorrow will start out easier.

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