Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Yesterday seemed to be a day of surprises. The mother of a friend of Bryce called me Monday afternoon to see if she could set up a play date for our boys. All of her normal childcare hadn't worked out and I figured it was going to be something great for Bryce to do. Something besides whine. The friend came in bearing games to play for the Wii and they set out to conquer them. Brady was sitting on the floor next to them on his knees when I noticed that something just looked different. I couldn't explain it at first. Just different. Then I thought he just looked taller. So I called him over to the door frame where I measure them and had him stand up tall. He was 1/16" short of having grown a full inch over the course of the last. three. weeks. I knew something was different!

I went ahead and measured Bryce and Belle as well and found that Belle is well over 4'10" now. Bryce is 5'2" which means he is now officially taller than I am, at 11 years old. He is not aware of that information as I have not felt the need to share it with him. I'm going to relish in the fact that he thinks that I am still a tad bit taller than him.

We were up this morning with the sun as a storm moved through and stirred the rest of the house that wasn't already up. Bryce's friend's mother was either supposed to get him between 7:30 and 7:45 or her dad would be getting him between 8:30 and 8:45. He was up and dressed by the time I got out of bed at 7. Grandpa showed up and left me with three very wore out children. We took a walk this evening in the miserable heatwave that has gripped us. We came home, the kids showered and are now in bed for the night for much needed sleep. I am not far behind them, but not before I wind down first.

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