Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Green Thumb

I think this is the fourth year that I have put out a garden during the spring. Each year I have put out squash and the last three springs I have gotten tomato plants that I never planted. May have something to do with the tomatoes that rot on the vine before I remember to pick them. Last year was the first year I planted corn, but we left on vacation before it was ready. Then the entire week we were gone it didn't rain a drop so we didn't get any corn. My squash didn't really produce much last year either. This year is a whole other story. This is my garden this year.My tomatoes are mixed in with my squash, along with my carrots and a couple of canteloupe plants. My sweet peas didn't turn out as well as I would've liked but I have learned to stake them early next time so it wasn't for all for nothing. My squash plants have finally ripened enough that I was able to start harvesting them. This is what I have gotten over the last five days.This does not show the squash that I have frozen, cooked or given away. And there's much more coming! I think it's safe to say, I'm going to have squash for a very, very, very long time!


Ladybird said...

I am so jealous. We have gotten some green beans already, but my plants don't look anything like that yet. We planted late, but I didn't think that we planted THAT late. I will trade you some green beans for some of that yummy squash!

ShortyMom said...

I'll gladly give the squash lol! There's just so much of it!

Jennifer said...

We ALWAYS mean to plant a garden and then never do. It's probably for the best, though, since I would likely kill all the plants!!