Monday, July 13, 2009

Getting Back to Normal

Last week was awesome! It has been so long since I've had some much time to myself that I couldn't even remember it. Wednesday, I did as I had planned. Nothing. I watched two episodes of Army Wives. I went to lunch and shopping with Mom. I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because ohmygoshHarryPotterandtheHalfBloodPrincecomesoutthisweekend!!!! Not that I'm excited or anything. So not excited that I'm considering having a Harry Potter marathon with the kids on Wednesday to get ready to see the movie Saturday. Nope not excited. Thursday I lingered around the house until Hubby got in that evening. I picked him up here in town so he could shower before taking his truck back to where he has to leave it. Then we went out to dinner before walking through the door at 10pm to watch a movie. Friday, I introduced Hubby into the art of doing nothing. He didn't understand it at first. How could we sit there, watch a movie, return them and spend the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing productive? But we did. And he survived.

Saturday Hubby got me on the kick that I was bored. I wanted to do something. Anything. So we went bowling only to realize that neither one of us could bowl worth a flip that day. So we left and drove to the next town. We went to Books-A-Million where I scored a Patricia Cornwell book for $3. We went to Pet Smart to visit with the adoptable kitties only to find they had dogs there as well. I found this beautiful six year old cat that was white with grey. She was spayed, declawed and sixteen pounds! She was huge! She was also very long haired, so long haired that fur was shedding in my hands as I petted her. I wanted her! But Hubby informed me that if I got a cat he got to pick out a dog. I found that to be completely unfair since we already have three dogs and only two cats.

Sunday, the kids got home about 12:30 and we started running. While we were at the mall on Saturday night, we found backpacks at Spencer's for 75% off. We showed the boys pictures of a couple of them and they decided they liked them so we went and got them since quantities were limited. There, they made their selections and we proceeded to the checkout where we expect to be paying $10 each for the bags. We found that not only were they 75% off the original price but an additional 50% off the final price. We got two Pirates of the Caribbean backpacks for $10! We immediately left that town and headed to Tennessee to take Hubby to work. A drive that is normally 2 1/2 hours took an additional 45 minutes. The kids were so exhausted from their week that Belle asked if she could go to bed at 9pm even though the boys weren't out of the shower yet.

Today has been a lot quieter day. I took the kids to the library to borrow new books because I returned theirs last week. We then went to the store and picked out a couple of things for lunch. They're adjusting to being home again and I'm adjusting to being mom again. I'm striving to be a more patient mom. Today I've done better than I have in a very long time. I cleaned today. My sister-in-law had all of the kids clothes washed when she got here so all I had to do is wash what Hubby and I have wore and the clothes the kids wore home. I have wiped down all of the cabinets on one side of my kitchen, inside and out, as well as cleaned my window above my sink. I hope my violets appreciate that. Now I'm off to watch a couple of CSI episodes while I wash one of my last load of clothes. Getting back to normal.

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