Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Events Make Up an Excuse for a Post

Things are getting back to normal around here, some of them slowly and others in rapid time. Such as children fighting. And not listening. And getting out of bed 10,000 times even though I told them not to. Can you tell that one is a current issue? No? My kids would never get out of bed after I told them to stay in it.

Hubby has had a strange week this week. Instead of running one long run and one short run this week, he's running three short ones. Two of them sent him right by the house so we got the pleasure of spending a bit of time with him yesterday and again today. Today he was home long enough to trim the yard while I finished mowing, wash his car and have dinner with us. It's been nice to see him much more this week than usual. Almost seems like he has a regular job rather than one that keeps him away so much.

Guess I also should've mentioned that one of my sisters-in-law has sold us a car that they didn't need. It's sitting for now since it needs tags but a car! So I don't have to keep driving back and forth to Tennessee! One that will save money on gas because it has a little bitty four cylinder engine! I'm not excited or anything.

I had a short chat with Janjanmom Monday evening about how she was coming to my town on Tuesday. She wanted to get our kids together for a play date so Belle, Brady and Bryce met Kayla, Erika and Lilly. We met at McDonald's where we had ice cream and the kids went out and played while we had adult conversation. Oh how I love adult conversation! Over an hour and a half later, we loaded up six hot kids and headed home. We had a great time!

As I said previously, today I got up and started to mow. Of course tonight we had a flood when storms blew through so that I will need to mow again tomorrow . I honestly feel that I was on the mower most of the day, no matter how much I know I wasn't. I also finished cleaning one half of my kitchen. I like four full cabinets and four half cabinets, fridge and stove having my kitchen clean. Oh and mopping of course. It will be nice to know that I don't have to do these things for a while now. Or at least the odd stuff like the cabinets. Next I get to start on the living room. Oh and I also mailed off three resumes this morning in the hopes for a job. I'm hoping that these three will break the streak of me sending them and not receiving responses. We'll see.

Tomorrow the kids are off to Mom's for their couple of days at her house. Brady was so excited earlier this week that he was willing to pack today for the occasion. Luckily he didn't. That gives us something to do tomorrow to pass the time. Hubby will be home on Friday evening so tomorrow evening will be my time then Friday evening will be our time. It's nice to fit both times into the same weekend.

Here shortly I will be heading off to bed so that I can watch more CSI. Tomorrow I hope to get some reading done after the kids leave. How has your week gone?

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