Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Wish I Had a Good Excuse

Really, I do. But I don't. I don't have one excuse as to my absence over the last week and a half. Laziness? Possibly. Lack of material? Likely. Kids keeping me busy? Definitely. But they do go to bed and I have considered blogging on a couple of different nights but just didn't. So here I am. Trying to remember and catch up all at the same time. It's been almost two weeks now that the kids went to my parents house and I spent a couple of days without them. Thursday night I was on my own and Friday night I was with Hubby. A week ago Saturday was my birthday and to celebrate we picked the kids up then took them to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was awesome! We loved it! I could watch Hermione hit Harry over the head every. single. day. because it was just that funny.

Fast forward to Monday where I took the kids to a local church for Vacation Bible School. Unfortunately, I missed our church's VBS in June so I had to take them to another church. They had a blast, there was no scaring involved and they certainly learned a lot. I even learned a tidbit. That was part of what kept me so busy, the fact that it ran from 6:30-9pm every night. Then this weekend was just a typical weekend of mowing, kids running around and just being us.

Then we jump to tonight. Tonight was the kids back to school night where they go in and meet their teachers (assuming they don't already know them), learn what is expected of them and get the mounds of paperwork that is sent home for me to fill out. They get their school shirts, play around on inflatable toys, and find out if their friends are in the same class. This year, Brady got to be in the same class as one of his best buddies and the little girl he has a crush on. He got Belle's fourth grade teacher so we know what to expect from her in the coming year. Belle didn't get Bryce's fifth grade teacher but found plenty of her friends in her class again this year. Bryce's class is the one who disturbed me and honestly if there was ever a time for me to consider homeschooling, it would be this year simply because of his class layout. But that isn't possible because I do not have the patience to teach him. The "I don't get it!" whine gets old fast and if you know Bryce, you know he is notorious for whining. What bothers me is that he is in the same class with another student that does not treat him well, to the point that I had a conversation with the principal about one particular incident a couple of years ago, an incident so uncalled for that they made sure he and Bryce didn't cross paths without a teacher present. So imagine my frustration when I walked into school tonight to find that not only was he in the same class with this child, but he was sitting right next to this child. So I had a chat, on back to school night mind you, with his teacher about how this setup was so not going to work. She was clearly stunned to see how much it bothered me, informed me that she didn't know about the situation, would rearrange seating assignments and make sure to keep an eye on things. We'll see what happens, because that's really all we can do at this point.

Another thing going on here is Hubby and I have been having serious discussions about relocating. So serious that we have even brought it up to the kids and that is a huge no-no unless we are almost certain we plan on doing it. Hubby has been driving a truck for the last five years and is really wanting to come home full time, not that I blame him. I would love to have him home full time. There aren't really any good paying jobs around here so in order for him to be home full time we would have to move somewhere where we could both find jobs. I am still currently looking for a job here because we've got some work we need to do to the house and school is a week away from starting. The kids seem to be ok with moving for now. Hopefully they will still be ok with it when the time comes.

Oh and remember the cleaning job that I started a few weeks back while the kids were in Indiana? I am thisclose to finishing my kitchen. Tomorrow, after I sweep and mop I will have a clean kitchen. Cabinets, refrigerators, ceiling fans, windows, doors and walls are all clean. My task after I have finished cleaning each room the way I want it? Wallpaper. The ugly wallpaper in the kitchen is coming down! Until then, at least it's clean. Now that I have caught up, I am headed for sleep.


janjanmom said...

What is it about me that makes people want to move to another city after I become their friend. Grrrr.

I am always happy when you post-I don't care the reasons why, no apologies are necessary.

Lilly asks me everyday if she can call your daughter...if she called tonight...at say 5 PM...Lilly would have the best day ever!(Or any day for that matter!)

ShortyMom said...

I have another friend making the same complaint about us moving. Wish there was more around here.

Lilly can call her anytime! Belle would love to hear from her!

Jennifer said...

Wow....no wonder you haven't been blogging much! You have a lot on your plate!! If you move, move to Alabama!!