Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This summer thing is trying to kill me! I went to mow last week and the steering went out on my lawnmower. I cannot tell you how disappointing it is to spend forever trimming so that you can mow and be finished only to find that the darn mower is broke and there will be no mowing! All that time trimming wasted!

Now jumping right into my next topic - when I'm writing my posts, in my mind everything makes sense. Usually because I know the background that you need to know or I hold something back for one reason or another. I did that on this post about faith and religion being difficult. While I put them together in one post, I do understand that are two totally different things. One thing I hate about religion is the politics that goes on behind the scenes. Arguments about what is best for the church but what God has in store for the church never seems to be considered. My problem with religion on this particular day was when someone accused me of not allowing my daughter to attend VBS because we are baptists and the church holding the classes was church of Christ. Not only did I have a problem with that statement but I had an even bigger problem with the fact that the statement was made to Belle's friend and not to my face. No I didn't keep her home because of the denomination of the church. I kept her home because of what had happened the week before. Because I knew the friend was planning on declaring her salvation and I couldn't help but wonder if the friend went home and told her parents, grandparents what Belle had told me. Or had she been scared into it. So Belle stayed home and if I had the opportunity to make the decision again, it would not change. Yes the friend is still coming around, but I still have issues with grandmother for not confronting about my choices to my face. Leave the kids out of it.

I went and picked Hubby up from work on Thursday morning and on the way home, he let me know he was wanting to go to Indiana to see his sisters for the holiday weekend. So we went on a road trip across the Ohio River and visited with S and J, and C and her boyfriend M. The kids played with their cousins, went swimming, watched fireworks set off in S and J's neighborhood, played on a make-shift slip-n-slide, fished, and played kickball. I had adult conversation! We went to a party of strangers where the only people we knew were S and J. I can't tell you how hard I laughed watching Hubby and J join in a game of kickball with C's neighbors and our kids! As the weekend wore on, C told us that she wanted the kids to stay up there with her for this week because she had to come this way on her way to Memphis this weekend and could drop the kids off. After some consideration, Hubby and I decided they could stay. So I am sitting in my living room with no kids. And no Hubby. Just. me. Cool.

So what have I been doing with my new found freedom? Cleaning. Hubby didn't go back to his truck until this morning. Last night, I started cleaning out my laundry room and I finished it up this morning. Hubby fixed my lawnmower yesterday so I mowed today as well. I have wiped down cabinets. I cleaned my living room windows and the carport door windows and they are still clean! I didn't know it was possible! I have thrown stuff away! That never happens! So tomorrow, my plans are to veg. I may or may not finish my kitchen. I will read. I will catch up on Army Wives. I will be me. Not mom, not wife, but me. Now? I'm going to sleep. Because I can.

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