Monday, August 17, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

This weekend left me with a decision. Friday, I returned home from work and found a message on my answering machine, a message from the doctor's office that I had applied for and interviewed with last week. They had called to offer me the position in their office. That position was part-time and since I had already landed a full time position, I couldn't see taking their part time offer. So I returned the call to let them know what I had found. They called back, not five minutes later, offering me full time. I was floored. After a year of searching, I had two offers on the table. Two good offers that I had to choose from. I am to call the doctors office tomorrow and let them know. Honestly, it's a tough decision. In a doctor's office, I can apply at any other medical office and have an edge because I've done it. At the pest control place, I am setting up their database for their clients. But the pest control place is a family run place. One that I can leave if the kids need me and it's ok. A medical office would be so much harder to do that. So I have decided to stay where I am.

Allow me to tell you about my morning. Hubby is still home because his load will not be ready until morning, so I climbed out of bed trying not to wake him. I failed miserably. I tripped over something at the end of the bed, almost fell backwards and grabbed the closet door to keep from getting hurt. As I reached for the door, I slammed it shut. Yeah. I was graceful this morning. So I mumbled my apologies and headed for the bathroom so that I could shower before work. I flushed the toilet and it went SNAP! Then the handle would jiggle but would not flush. So I got into the shower. After I got out, I figured I'd best reach into the tank and at least flush it. I checked the chain to find that it had ripped out of the valve, lifted the valve and pulled out my hand with this black gunk all over my fingers. I washed my hands and the stuff wasn't coming off! Finally, I made my way to the kitchen for an old toothbrush to scrub the stuff from my hands. The kids were up by this point, eating breakfast and brushing teeth, so I started a load of blue jeans thinking that maybe I'd have a minute to put them in the dryer before I left. For some reason, my brain was thinking that I was bleaching a shower curtain instead of washing the jeans that were clearly sitting in the washer and poured bleach into the dispenser. Crap! So I had to pull out the jeans, run the rinse cycle, and put them back in again sans bleach. I was steady fussing at the kids to come on, you're late, come on you're late, only to open the door and hear the bus coming down the street. So I yelled, "BUS!!!!" Three kids came running and high-tailed it for the end of the driveway. I left the house a short time later and stopped for a drink to take to work at the busiest place in town. I got to work, went to grab my purse to put my keys in it, only to realize that my purse was here, on the desk where I left it last night.

Things improved greatly after that but let me tell ya, when I got to work I was ready to go home, go back to bed and try again tomorrow. Let's hope tomorrow starts better than it did today!

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