Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Starting Again

It's the time of year that brings us to this:School officially started last Wednesday. So far they like their teachers, have enjoyed their first three days and are looking forward to tomorrow. Also starting is the running. Brady is playing football and his first practice is tomorrow evening. Belle has decided to continue playing the viola and her first after-school practice is tomorrow as well. Bryce has decided he wants to be in band instead of orchestra so Thursday we will be back up to the middle school as he tries out various instruments to decide what it is he wants to do. So the running is officially beginning.

Last weekend Belle started laughing while she was sitting at the table eating. I was standing at the sink washing dishes, again, when she told me to look up. Here's what I saw.Zeus had climbed his way onto the top of my cabinets for a nap. Hubby got the full picture for me since he's a tad bit taller. About a week and a half ago, I had to take Bryce in for a check-up and tetanus shot in order for him to be able to start school. His height is in the 90th percentile compared with other kids his age. Um, duh! Like I already didn't realize that my 11 year old was tall. Over all he is healthy and she helped us with one other task. She told him that he might sleep better if he took his night light out of his room. So we are now on two whole weeks without a night light and the bags under his eyes have lightened up greatly. One less thing to worry about!

One other thing that had me ecstatic last week was that I had a job interview! A real job interview! I went in Thursday afternoon and sat down with the lady that is over the hiring. We discussed what she was looking for, I typed for her and she showed me the software they were using. They are supposed to discuss the candidates this weekend (they had another interview Friday) and then pick a couple that they think are promising to come in and work for a few hours in a working interview. Hopefully I will hear something tomorrow about that.

I have been working over the last couple of weeks, too. Not working outside of the home but doing things around the house. We let our flower bed get out of hand this summer, mainly because we've been busy with everything else, so the last two weeks I have been pulling weeds. And grass. And clover. Now the flower beds in front of the house are cleaned out and I like a six foot section at the end of the house. Then it will be all nice and neat. Yesterday, I prepped some serious squash for freezing. When I finished, I had 9 quart bags of squash ready to store in my freezer. This evening, I mowed our yard while Hubby trimmed. Now I have a nice neat yard as well. If only I could do that to the inside of the house.

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janjanmom said...

We start tomorrow and Lilly is very excited!! The other two are as well...but too 'mature' to show it.

I love doing outside doesn't get undone as quickly as the inside!!