Saturday, October 20, 2007

Toss the Poodle

Older Son went to his first dance last night and then stayed with his friend. This left Daughter and Younger Son to fend for themselves today. Daughter went through the house first thing this morning and opened every window. So early it was almost cold by the time she was finished. At one point during the morning, Younger Son walked by her bedroom door as she was walking through the front yard and he hollered for her.

"Daughter!! You want to play toss the poodle?"

"What's toss the poodle?"

"You toss a poodle back and forth."

I think that last bit of information was a given. Duh immediately went through my mind when I heard him say it. So later I asked him, just where did he plan on getting this poodle.

"Oh, it was a car."

Sounds like a poodle to me.

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