Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Out of Routine

Today, Older Son had to take his "mad scientist" experiment to school so that he could perform it for the class. Since this required him to take a foam board to school, I drove them to school this morning and picked them up this afternoon. Now, the best I can remember when we were kids, if mom or dad was to pick us up, when the bell rang, we made a mad dash to the front of the school to search the cars for our car. Not anymore. Now, because of the school shootings and especially since the VT shootings at the beginning of the year, the kids school has beefed up security. Now, I'm no way saying this is a bad thing. On the contrary, I believe it is a hassle but warranted. I drop the kids off at school on occasion so I am familiar with this routine. I can either park my car and walk them in, which requires me to sign in at the door, or I can drop them off in the "car loop" which is basically a pull up, open the door and throw them at the school type situation. I chose to throw them at the school this morning, as Older Son was perfectly capable of carrying his board, I just didn't want it destroyed on the bus for 30 minutes. This afternoon, I left for the school early, just to be sure to be there on time. I got to the school at 2:17 and was still at least 20 cars back from the front of the line to pick up my kids. Eighteen minutes later, I spy Younger Son's teacher making a break for the parking lot. She was the first facutly member to head for the parking lot, and the buses haven't even left the school yet!! Exactly 20 minutes after pulling up to my parking spot, the buses leave and the cars start to move in the line so that I can pick up my kiddos. I waited twenty minutes so that Older Son didn't have to carry a big piece of foam on the bus. We make the trip home in no time, but had they rode the bus home, they would've been home sooner since I met the bus six houses past mine. The joys of school in today's age...

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