Thursday, September 27, 2007

Two For One - Television Ads and A Twin

I normally don't post two blogs in one day, but I'm on a roll!!

I've made my post about kids not having the cartoons today that we got to watch. I really am not a fan of today's cartoons, since all they seem to do is use bodily functions and stupidity to make kids laugh. At least some of the cartoons that we watched growing up had a touch of a moral to the story. Anyway, not too long ago, I was listening to the tv during the "family hour (7-8pm)" while Older Son was watching (Younger Son was in bed and Daughter was in the shower) when he said something about the robot on tv. I turned around to see a woman dressed as a robot advertising for Heineken. I had two problems with this. First, it was another ad that attracts the attention of children. Older Son is almost 10 and he was mesmerized by this commercial. Second, after the meltdown the FCC had about the Janet Jackson incident, they were supposed to be cracking down on what was to be aired during the time that children would be watching. I'm still waiting for them to do this, since airing a beer commercial attracted by children is certainly NOT honoring this statement.

I believe I found my twin today. We bought a "new" van about six months ago and by new I mean new to me. Not long after getting it, I start noticing people waving at me - people I don't know. A couple of months back, my dad asked if I was at a certain area around a certain time. Nope, I was at home with the kids. He said he could've swore it was me. So this morning I had to run to Wal-Mart to get the kids some chips for their lunches as they took the last two bags this morning and I followed a van identical to mine to a parking spot. It was identical down to the color (except for it was a touring van) and this little mark - a mark that said stow-n-go (or something to that effect). I so want one of those marks on my van!! I would love to have stow and go seating but mine is before they thought of the idea. The lady driving had her hair pulled up into a ponytail, about the same length and color as mine and I figure she had to be roughly my height as she was sitting about as high in her van as I sit in mine. Now I know why I keep getting waves from people I don't know, just glad to be able to confirm it!

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