Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Couple of Blows

We seem to receive blow after blow this week. The warm weather leading to nasty storms. Hubby's truck becoming victim to those storms. Yesterday was a half day for the kids at school. They got home just before 1. They worked on homework, played around and enjoyed their afternoon. Around 4:30, I started calling for Belle to set the table for an early supper since Brady had basketball practice at 5:30. When she didn't come after the third time, I went to find her in her bed, almost in tears because her head was hurting, especially when she coughed. The next thing I knew she had body aches. I knew what was coming.

This morning, she came into my room at 5:30. She couldn't sleep. She laid down in my bed with me for a bit and I sent her back to hers with instructions to clear her mind. Think of nothing but sleep. Shortly after, she let me know that she was throwing up. I found she was running a fever.

She has the beginning of the flu. Crap! She had basketball practice this afternoon and a tournament game tomorrow night. Crap crap!

I called her pediatrician and got her in just before 9:30 this morning. Her white count shows that she is fighting something but it is high enough that she won't have to go back in next week for a follow up visit. We caught it early! I never catch it early! She sent out for Tamiflu and antibiotics ("bacterial pnuemonia tends to follow the flu"). She sent out Tamiflu for Brady and Bryce as well to prevent them from coming down with it.

Hubby's schedule is off this week, from changing trucks three different times and a delay at one of his stops, so he's up until after noon instead of going to bed at 8am and driving all night. He received a phone call this morning that his step-brother had been in a nasty wreck last night and died this morning.

I'm so ready for this week to end.

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