Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Are We Sure It's February?

The box on the calendar that is supposed to be today says 5. That does mean that today is February 5th right? So why am I able to open windows and doors and let fresh air clean out the stale, musty air of my house? This time last week was warm (not this warm) and storms were getting ready to move through. Thursday we had ice and snow (ok not much but you get the picture). More storms are scheduled for later today but as it stands right now, there is sunlight shining through my living room window. Sunlight! A strong wind is blowing the nasty, stale air out the back door (along with any free standing paper or light weight object in the path). And look! Seventy-three degrees! In February! I'm going to finish my reading, have a seat with Days of Our Lives, my blanket squares that I'm crocheting and the nice breeze on my face.

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