Monday, February 18, 2008

Embarrassments By Dad

I am in the market for new dishes. The kids have broken so many of my dishes that I no longer have enough to feed the family with one set, for any given meal. I use at least two sets and sometimes three for all of us to eat one meal. I had my eye on a set at Wal-Mart, but I didn't want to pay $60 for a set of eight dishes (I looked for them to link to but they didn't have the ones I've been eyeing). I have also looked at these but if you have checked them out on the display, they are very thin and I can just hear the crash like they would have made tonight when Belle dropped one of my plates while setting the table. I found these while searching but again, I don't want to pay $80 for a set for eight people. So I told Hubby I wanted to stop by Linens and Things to see if they had a good set on sale. I browsed these but I really don't want another set of white dishes. I also fell in love with these.

A couple of doors down was Old Navy. I really wanted a new shirt. One that didn't have stains on it and that wasn't my husbands that I usually wear. For some odd reason, all three kids followed Hubby when we walked into the store, as he headed one direction and I another. So I got to browse childless! I got to take a few minutes and shop for something that was for me without listening to the whine of "my feet hurt" "I'm tired" and my all time favorite "are we done yet?" I found them a short time later, only to hear Belle tell me "Mom! Dad was dancing in the store!" Apparently all three kids had not only followed Dad, but glued themselves to his backside. In an effort to get them to give him a couple of feet of space, he broke out into a small hip moving, arm bouncing dance. They were more than willing to go with me once they found me. I guess that means his dance worked. I managed to find the kids each a polo shirt for under $7 and found me a shirt for $8 (again, no link because I can't find it online).

Hubby proceeded to pull this same dance yesterday afternoon. Sitting at a red light. With a lady looking out her car window. Sitting right beside him. A tourist no less. The light took forever to change. I swear it felt like it was on red for five minutes and I'm sure she would agree, since she was trying real hard to not look out her window again while suppressing a laugh. I don't know what I'm going to do with him, but to say the least he keeps the dull out of our life.

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M said...

Just a comment on the Corell ldishes I have had a set of them for 20yrs and they are now finally getting brittle enough that they do shatter when they get dropped but they have made it through the child hoods of all my kids plus any stray I can seem to adopt along the way. So maybe you should really think about them