Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Woes

I never knew how a pending lunar eclipse could upset the delicate balance of my household bedtime. Bryce came home from school Monday all excited about how "we were supposed to have a lunar eclipse on Wednesday!" He was determined to see it and seeing how it was supposed to be a full eclipse by 9pm, I really couldn't say no. But unfortunately he also let Belle and Brady know as well. And they had to see it too. When it started about 7:45, I started letting them peek out the front door to see the progress. Belle and Brady got one last look before I put them to bed right after 8pm. By 9, Brady had been out of bed more times than I could count and clouds had moved over our view of the eclipse. So I put both boys to bed, didn't wake Belle and decided to settle down.

But curosity took hold. I had to get another look and see if the clouds had moved on by. About 9:15, I found a mostly full eclipse completely unobstructed. So I rallied both boys and woke Belle to see it quickly. They were up a whole minute and a half before I rushed them back to bed for the night. I've become the good mom for waking them for an eclipse moment. If I'm lucky, the ice storm we're on the verge of will move through with very little effect or damage but enough ice to shut down school tomorrow so they can get some sleep.

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Ladybird said...

I am jealous. It was too cloudy here to see.