Friday, May 30, 2008

Flair for Dramatics

Memorial day found us working around the house. Hubby marked off the area where we are going to set up the pool we bought a few months back as I wandered around trying to clean up as much of the house as I could. His oldest sister was planning to stop by that evening before she and her family headed home to Indiana. Bryce wanted her oldest son (who is the same age) to stay the night. Since he was staying, Brady wanted her next son to stay as well (he's almost six.) I was to meet them at a halfway point on Wednesday and give her hubby their two sons plus my three kids. Tuesday and Wednesday they kept me busy. They were literally all over the house finding things to play with. Yesterday while I had the house to myself I recovered. I went through and cleaned up the mess that was left behind. I also fended calls from my children.

Belle called requesting that Auntie be allowed to cut her hair (she's the same sister-in-law who did my hair a few months back). Then Bryce called wanting her to cut his hair. And Hubby called Brady with an ultimatum of letting Auntie cut his hair or Hubby would be buzzing it when he got home. Auntie trimmed it today.

This is how we found the when we arrived. Not only did our three kids have colored hair but her oldest two sons had red mohawks (only better than Bryce's because their hair is longer). Her daughter had teased green pigtails. They made quite a sight.

As we started leaving her home to make our trip home, Brady complained that he didn't feel well and doubled over grabbing his stomach. We left and started looking for a place to stop for supper about the halfway point. We didn't find a restaurant that everyone could agree on so we went to the next hole-in-the-wall town we came across. They had a Dairy Queen and Brady had requested we go there before we had left Indiana. We were leaving when Hubby mentioned, "Brady isn't curled up in a ball sick now that he has had ice cream."

My response?

"I can't help it that he has your flair for dramatics."

He stills denies he has the flair. Yeah. Uh-huh. Right.

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Ladybird said...

Love the haircuts....especially the red mohawk! TOO COOL.