Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Positive Thinking

Over at another blog I'm addicted to, I read a post about it seems everyone is negative lately. I came to realize that she was so completely right in that aspect. Everyone one around me has had complaints about something and I am certainly no different. I find myself griping about everything going on around me, from the political ads on tv to the kids not wanting to listen. Her remedy was to only talk about the good things that have happened to her lately and I was so ready to comment! But then I couldn't think of one thing that has gone my way lately. Not one! So I'm trying to look at things in a different perspective.

Belle is participating in her class's "mad scientist" program in which she gets to be one of the two scientists this week. This means she has to come up with a science experiment and perform it for the class. She even gets to wear the cool goggles and lab coat and you know it's all about being able to look the part! She decided she was going to build a volcano and spent the afternoon perfecting the ingredients she needed to get the results she desired. Out of everything she wanted to use to make the volcano, the only thing I actually needed to purchase was at fifty cent box of baking soda! I certainly like a cheap science project!

Bryce came home yesterday with the announcement he had to draw a poster for a book as if he were designing a movie poster for it. Of course, I don't keep poster board around the house so I told him I would pick it up today and he could do it tonight. Unfortunately, our Wal-Mart is the middle of remodeling and aren't completely stocking their shelves. They were out of plain white poster board and not one other store in town carried it that I could find. So I had to drive 20 miles to the next town to buy it. They were also out of the single sheets but had a package of 10 sheets for less than $4. Not only did I get the extra I had intended on buying for future projects, but I got it at a lower price than I would've if I had bought individual pieces! Bryce was prepared when he got home and already had a sketch of how he wanted it to look drawn out on paper. I now have an indian with some serious abs sitting on my couch!

Brady has been busy lately trying to perfect his flip on the trampoline. He finally realized this weekend that he was using too much power to flip and was going over to far. He adjusted his power and actually landed a few of his flips! He was ecstatic! This afternoon after homework was finished, I sent all the kids outside to play. Brady didn't like that idea, he wanted to play the Wii but decided he would work on his flips some more. I can only hope that my son is not the only one who manages to injure his face the night before picture day. Apparently, he misjudged his power again only to slide across the trampoline mat. On his face. He's already informed me he does not want to go to school tomorrow, that his picture will be bad that the other kids will laugh. I told him the kids will not laugh but I'll enjoy having a picture that I'll be able to show his kids one day. I'm also hoping for his sake that the picture will be shot from his right side as they have been the last two years. We'll see.

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