Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Itching Could Drive You Insane!

My sunburn has hit the next stage. Peeling. And itching. And peeling. And itching. I kid you not when I say the itching could literally drive you crazy. I feel like I spent all day long itching and trying to pull the dead skin away so it will stop. So I've been trying to keep busy. I hate to say it but since putting the roof on the house, I've been lazy for the most part. Except the day that I got sunburned. Honestly, I just haven't felt good. In fact, last week Hubby informed me that he wanted me to go to bed early, get up and take the kids to school then go right back to bed because I sounded so bad. I didn't argue. Last Friday morning, I drove Bryce to school for a field trip, came home and put Belle and Brady on the bus and not 15 minutes later I was out cold on the couch. Of course, I had some help the night before not being able to sleep. Friday night, Hubby was home, brought me Nyquil caplets and instructed me to take them. And to sleep. And the next morning when he got out of bed? He told me to go back to sleep. And I did. Words cannot describe how wonderful it was to have him home, looking out for me because last week? I was tired of looking out for me. I just wanted to crash and not have to worry. About. Anything.

Because of the way last weekend worked out, there really wasn't any time to clean up the yard from where we had worked on the roof. I had bricks from the chimney in my flower bed, boards from the doghouse and rotten boards from the roof in the yard. Tuesday, my neighbor came by to let me know his buddy needed his trailer back. The trailer that has our shingles on it because we haven't made it to the dump yet. The trailer that was in the driveway loaded up with most of the shingles from the front of the house that neighbor decided could hold more, moved into the backyard and proceeded to load down with half of the shingles from the back side of the house. Unfortunately, he hooked to the trailer and the trailer did not move. Surprise, surprise. It wasn't surprising either that he got stuck in the wet yard since it had been raining the night before. So he called a buddy to pull him out and the buddy got stuck. They got him out and called another buddy who also got stuck. They managed to get him out and eventually got my neighbor out of my backyard but not without yard damage.

Yesterday, I decided it was high time that I tried to accomplish something. It was the first time that I had felt up to doing anything other than the usual laundry, dishes, kid stuff. I also knew that Hubby has so much stuff that he feels he has to do when he comes in that I wanted him to come home and find the front yard clean. So I went to work pulling nails out of the boards so that I could move them to the backyard for burning. Eventually, I moved about half the boards under my carpet where I was working so that the yard was empty. Then I picked up the vinyl that was still in the yard, moved the metal to the backyard so that I could eventually pile it up and get it ready for recycling, and set the doghouse up again the front of the house because I couldn't get the pieces apart to put it away. When I finished, my front yard was cleaned up and ready to be mowed. Until it rained last night. And today. Today, I went back out and worked on more nails. My pile is now down to less than half of what it was. I have washed laundry, swept and vacuumed, washed dishes, and babysat Little Man from 2:30 until 9pm. I even wiped out both of my refrigerators. I accomplished stuff! And I still have energy to spare!

Tomorrow is the last day of school before the kids start summer vacation. They are so ready for this break and after tomorrow I will be the parent of a sixth grader. That is so. not. right. I am going to get Hubby in the morning and then see what the day brings. Now I'm going to watch more Ghost Whisperer before going to bed.


kbreints said...

Holy working girl.... and not the bad kind either... I seriously would not tackle trying to even help roofing our house. Yikes! I don't blame you for being tired!

janjanmom said...

My goodness, you really rebounded!! WOW.

I guess you were just as disappointed as we were to find no Ghost Whisperer tonight. It's so wrong even if it is a really good movie. We need to see Melinda once a week!!