Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Simple Gesture Can Turn into the Funniest Moment

Belle confirmed around 4am Friday morning that I had made the right decision in keeping her home from school. She came into my room, after getting sick again, asking to sleep with me so that she didn't have to keep putting Callie out of her room. And my bathroom was closer from my room than the bathroom was from hers. So she climbed in bed with me and got comfy. A short time later, the alarm was going off, setting in motion another busy day. When the alarm went off, the light outside my window caught my attention. It was almost orange outside, the strangest color I've ever seen, not because the sun was coming up but because there was some serious rain about to move through. I ran to the shower so that I could be ready to walk out the door almost as soon as the bus ran. When I got out of the shower, the sky was almost black. By the time the boys got on the bus, it was pouring cats and dogs outside as a storm rolled through. The rain was so heavy, that I backed my car down the driveway and waited for the bus at the end of the driveway, trying to prevent the boys from having to get in the rain as much as possible. I went back inside after they were safely on the bus, encouraged Belle to finish getting dressed and sat down to try to catch a glimpse of the weather radar on tv since I turned my computer off to prevent lightening from running in on it. Belle mentioned a few minutes later that the rain had slowed down so we made a run for the gas station and then off to Tennessee to get Hubby.

The trip to Tennessee took me a little longer than most trips because I slowed down considerably. The parkway I take down is notorious for holding water and by the time I left there were already three reports of cars hydroplaning on the same parkway. I passed one of those accidents on my way down. While the rain had slowed down so that I could leave to get gas and get moving, the rain picked up again a little bit down the road complete with lightening. About 15 miles outside of where I meet Hubby, I left the rain for cloudy skies and damps roads. We got home a short time later, thankfully uneventfully. Then the three of us grocery shopped, came home for a quick lunch, settled down to watch a little tv and do a little housework before the boys came off the bus. Hubby took the kids back to the store for a bit, as I baked cookies and enjoyed a few minutes of quiet, and let them pick out a couple of toys to spend their money on. Thursday night, I had informed the kids that they had each read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone but none of them had actually moved on to Chamber of Secrets so I thought we should read it together. I think the first two books move so closely to the movies that they figure why read it when they can watch it but there is so much detail they're missing out by not reading the other books. So I told them if they could calm down and get ready for bed when I tell them to, we would sit down each night before bed and read a bit of Harry Potter. Before bed last night, we finished reading chapter two of The Chamber of Secrets. They went to bed quickly and quietly after these readings so I think it's going to be something I continue doing for a while.

Today was a typical Saturday. We got up this morning and made a quick run to the store for the toothpaste and conditioner I forgot to pick up yesterday. There's been so much rain over the last few days that they really couldn't get out of the house to play so this afternoon we went bowling to get the kids out of the house for a bit. Then we came home had a bit of supper. About 7, I told Bryce to grab a shower. Belle followed a few minutes later. Finally I told Brady that it was his turn to get in the shower. When he stood there without moving, I sniffed real loud and told him he stinks and that it was time for a shower. He turned around, and without missing a beat, lifted his arm and sniffed himself. Hubby and I tried hard to hide the snickers and giggles and I attempted to explain that he smelled like the bowling alley and the cigarette smoke from there. He tried to tell me he didn't as he lifted his arm for yet another attempt to prove that he didn't stink then headed down the hallway after his pajamas. We finished chapter 3 of the Chamber of Secrets tonight and Bryce is starting to realize subtle little changes from the movie to the book. I'm anxious to get to the Prisoner of Azkaban because there are so many differences between the book and the movie and I'm hoping they'll realize this.

Tonight I revamped my resume, too. I'm tired of handing out resumes and not receive a phone call for an interview so I went to work. As I was trying to figure out some points about myself to add to it, Hubby started attempting to help.

"Great wife."

"Umm, I don't think that would be what they're looking for."

After a few minutes, I mentioned that I had washed our body pillows and we would have clean, nice smelling pillows for bed tonight.

"Put that on there."

"I don't think they want to know that either. That's what I would put on the resume to be a wife."

"Make me a resume."

"I don't have to. I've already got you." Words can't describe the look on his face as this information sunk in but I enjoyed it. I did eventually get my resume finished. I have gotten nine loads of laundry washed today as well. Now I'm going to bed to enjoy another good nights sleep.

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