Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Bursts of Energy

Friday morning, I got out of bed running. I grabbed a shower, put the kids on the bus, stopped by my neighbors to leave her Little Man's carseat, and headed for Tennessee to pick up Hubby. After we returned home, I checked my email and the various things I usually check on a daily basis including the obituaries in the local paper. I was shocked to find a lady that I used to work with at Wal-mart listed in the paper. I had just thought about her earlier in the week, how I hadn't seen her at the store lately, but I knew that she had cut back on her hours by a day at Halloween and she was also a garden center employee. I just didn't seem to make it back there much. Turns out, she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor/cancer in December and they didn't give her much time. Her services were yesterday. I'm still reeling from the news.

By the time the kids came off the bus that afternoon, Hubby had painted the fascia boards on the front of the house and was working on our front door. When we bought this house, it had this hideous black door on the front and we couldn't figure out why for the life of us. Well it turns out the door was originally red and they decided to paint black over it. It is now white. I mowed the a neighbor's yard our front yard. The kids came off the bus with report cards for the year. Belle and Brady both had straight A's for the nine weeks (and the year I think), and Bryce missed straight A's by two points. Now I have a fourth, fifth and sixth grader for this fall. It just doesn't seem right! Brady started the year out with trampoline burn (evidence with his fall picture) and came home Friday afternoon with gym floor burn on the same eye. A friend had accidentally tripped him and sent him sailing. It looks worse today than it did the day he came home with it.

Saturday, Hubby painted the shutters, washed the siding on the house and knocked some of the mortar off the bricks from the chimney. I went through and weeded my garden (huge deal...I seldom do that!), worked on cleaning off the carport some and picked up the mortar and broken bricks that we couldn't use. The kids swam in our neighbors pool, ran around the yard and did their usual things. Saturday night, Belle had the neighbor's little girl spend the night and Hubby and I spent a lot of time chatting with Little Man's mom and dad. It was after 11 before Bryce and Brady went to bed and after two before I got up and told the girls to give it up.

Today has not been much calmer. I got up and fixed muffins for breakfast, started washing linens for the beds, cleaned off the carport and took Hubby back to his truck. Hubby and I picked up a slip n slide for the kids yesterday and they broke it out this afternoon and had some fun. Tonight, the boys are "camping" in Belle's bedroom. They were so excited that they all went to bed without being told! Of course, I had to tell each of them a few times to hush and sleep already. Now I am waiting on the washer and dryer, gonna get a shower here shortly and try to read a bit before heading to bed. That is if I don't crash before I make it to bed! How has everyone's weekend been?

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Jennifer said...

Good lord, bring some of that energy over here!!! I have absolutely NONE!!!