Monday, May 4, 2009

I've Been Summonsed

Is summonsed even a word? According to blogger it is so I guess I will have to go with it. I received a letter in the mail at the end of March, beginning of April informing me that I was to report for jury duty. My day to appear? Tomorrow. Fun fun.

Tonight? I'm avoiding the inevitable. Going to bed. I'm not going to fall asleep easily so I'm playing around. I have given all three dogs baths. They are definitely happy. Since they had baths, I had to wash out my bath tub (because there's no way I'm getting in it until I have) and then grab my own shower to get the wet dog smell off of me. I have towels in the washer (that just screamed at me, ready for the dryer), all of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. The kids are finally asleep.

Last week, I met Janjanmom at the local library and while I was there, I had to pick up a couple of books. I had been meaning to run by there lately but I just never felt like driving over to that side of town knowing that I have like three or four books waiting on me to read right here at home. One book is in the middle of a series so I'm stalling on that book. Two other books are just hard starting books. Not capturing my attention fast enough to keep me reading even though I've started them both like 3 times. The last book? The Shack. I had mentioned to Hubby a few weeks ago that I had read about The Shack on few other blogs and that some raved over it while others weren't to impressed with it. So he bought it while he was stuck out on the road one week. He loved it. Me? My feelings towards my faith and spiritual well-being have left me out of being able to rave over it. I find myself asking more questions, not necessarily a bad thing, but until things are a little clearer for me I can't seem to concentrate on it. I've made it halfway through and it is now sitting in my car where I had taken it on our last road trip. And didn't touch it. So I left this trip to the library with 24 Hours by Greg Iles and Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell. Postmortem is the first book of the series I mentioned earlier so I had to get started. Only I read the Greg Iles book first which the movie Trapped was actually based off of. I'm hoping that when I turn these books back in that I will remember to look back on my list of books that I haven't read and find one that I would like to. Upon reading over the list again, I find some that I wasn't interested in reading then but wouldn't mind doing so now so we'll see.

As I continue rambling, Belle is doing much better. She returned to school today where she heard the phrase, "We were afraid you had swine flu!" more than once. Tomorrow evening, I have to attend a meeting about next years 6th grade field trip that Bryce will be going on.

As I finish up this mess of rambling, I'd like to ask that you remember a dear friend of mine and her family. Her ex-mother-in-law's body was found this morning after she had fallen and hit her head in her home. She has two boys that are taking it very, very hard so please remember them if you get a chance. They could sure use it.


janjanmom said...

The Shack definitely causes you to think and re-examine your feelings about God and religion. Finish it, it's good.

I am so sorry about your friend's loss-that is a tough thing. I wll keep those boys in my prayers.

Swine Flu-fun times, fun times. Gotta love the media hype.

I am totally jealous of your jury duty-I have always wanted it and have never been summoned.

ShortyMom said...

You may eventually get your wish...from what we were told this morning it is now pulled from a computer database. If you've paid property tax, income tax, registered to vote or have a drivers license you are on the list to be called.