Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bow Down to Mom

The last few days have definitely been busy days. Friday, much to the kids disappointment, the first round of snow failed to appear and they had to attend school. The snow started around two pm and was full force not long after they returned home at 2:45. Before they got home, I finished my blanket that I had been crocheting.
I also mentioned in my previous post that I was crazy enough to allow all three kids to each have one friend over Friday night to stay with them. All six kids were excited about the sleepover and the snow. To say they were wired is an understatement. When they went to bed Friday night, they had already been out to play in the snow and it was still coming down good. By the time they woke Saturday morning, the snow had moved on, leaving sunny skies and 3 inches of snow on the ground here. I didn't get any pictures of the kids playing in the snow, partly because the sun just killed my eyes and secondly because I didn't want to upset any parents by posting pictures of their kids on my blog. Brady's friend left around 9:30 Saturday morning, leaving him to play with Bryce and his buddy. To entertain themselves, Brady grabbed my camera to take pictures. He figured out that the noise of the camera and the flash irritates Sophie to the point of barking furiously at him, much to their content. In all of the photos that I uploaded today, I found a few self-portraits that he had taken. Belle's friend left at 1:30 as I rounded the kids up to drop off Bryce's friend and pick hubby up at his truck. After returning home to finish a few things around the house, we headed to the next town for dinner and a bit of shopping. We make a couple of stops around town and we found that a few of the stores were quietly anticipating a highly coveted Wii in the over night delivery, ready for sale this morning! Mom had attempted to get us a Wii for Christmas, but by the time she considered it, everyone was sold out. We have been trying to find one ever since but our attempts kept coming up empty. Our desire for one became very strong after "bowling" with my sister-in-law and her hubby last weekend on our trip to Indiana.

That is, until this weekend.

That's right. After a call to Kmart this morning, just before opening time and finding out that they, too, received 30 Wii's for sale this morning, Hubby set out in rapid mode to get there upon opening. He was third in line when the doors opened to get his reward. Not only did he get the Wii, he also got Guitar Hero III for it. Now because hubby's step-dad came by for a visit today, the kids time was some what limited with the Wii so I haven't gotten to take pictures of the kids with it (and believe me, they are coming) but I did get one of Hubby.
Now Hubby and I are very, very competitive in a lot of the things we do. Playing HORSE instead of one-on-one, bowling, Rummy (which he does not play often with me because I almost always win), and now this. Tonight, just before putting the kids to bed, Hubby and I were playing GH. We were each taking turns playing the same songs on the same levels trying to best the other. Brady was ecstatic when I receive at 97% on the song that I had just finished and took a bow for Hubby to help rile him. Just before leaving the room, Brady hollers "bow down to Mom" just before taking a bow and racing down the hall to his room. And it starts. I think this competition is going to be going on for some time to come.


Ladybird said...

I am horribly jealous! Can I come to your house and play????

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