Monday, March 17, 2008


I have been patient. That for me is very tough because patience is not a part of my being. Ask my kids (I'm working on it). So the last 4 months of the writer's strike has been tough because I live for the fall tv lineup. I'm almost giddy with excitement the week they start airing the new shows. Tonight they aired new shows on CBS (shows I don't watch but that's beside the point). New shows as in never seen before. No quickly thrown together reality show to fill a spot but a bona fide sitcom. And my tv stopped working. Or actually my antennae did. While we have a satellite dish, it isn't actually turned on. We have access to cable but if I'm going to pay that much money for cable, I'd turn my satellite back on. So we have broadcast channels. And tonight they're not broadcasting. Chances are the coaxial cable has come away from the actual antennae attached to the side of my house and unfortunately, it cannot be fixed until Hubby comes home this weekend. I miss my satellite.

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