Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Signs of Spring

One night last week or so I walked outside to adjust my t.v. antenna and when I came back around the front of the house I noticed my crocus' were coming up through the gravel in my flower bed. When we first moved into this house, I hated them, wanted to dig them up and get rid of them. After three springs in this house, I have come to love seeing them come up. They are usually the first sign, around my house that is, that spring is coming, popping through the ground as early as February even with snow or ice on the ground. Today the kids came in off the bus excited that the trees were budding out.
These are pictures of the crocus' and I believe the one on the bottom actually has a bloom inside of it, preparing to open. The "tree" on the top is actually a weeping willow that we've had from a sprout for the last two years. The tree on bottom is the one in my front yard that I have actually forgotten what it is exactly and can't tell without leaves. I just hope the snow we are scheduled to get either passes us by or doesn't nip the buds.

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