Tuesday, March 4, 2008

As Promised

Ok keep in mind that I am NOT a hairstylist in any form of the word. I really wish I had my camera to capture the style she had finished with on Saturday because I am not getting my abilities to mock it even closely.

Now the sides are actually supposed to curl out and they didn't want to do that today so I gave up and curl them under. I have blond highlights of course but I'm really excited about the layer of dark red that she gave me underneath. I can pull my hair up into a ponytail and have a nice dark red on bottom and streaks of blond across the top. I hope to master the style soon and post a picture of what it is actually supposed to look like.

(For those of y'all who have found their way here via Hubby's myspace page and don't want to look for the story he mentioned, you can find it here.)

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