Sunday, March 2, 2008

Home Again

It has been a very long weekend. Hubby returned home yesterday morning, changed the oil in the van and around lunch time we left for Indiana. I drove most of the trip up since Hubby had been up all night Friday night and didn't sleep any before we left on Saturday. I drove most of the trip home as well since he didn't get as much sleep as he should've last night. Now that being said, I did not drive in any city whatsoever. I stopped on the Kentucky side of the Ohio river and handed the keys over to Hubby for him to make the trip into Evansville. I was not about to take a trip into the city and run the risk of having to find his sister if she was not at her home, which is a straight shot and a route I can make (no freeway!!!). I got the keys back in the same town on this side of the Ohio river to make the trip home.

The kids had a blast with their cousins, were up until well after midnight and up at daybreak this morning. Between Hubby's oldest sister and my kids, there were two 10-year old boys, a 9 year girl, 7 year boy, 5 year boy, 4 year girl, and almost 2 year boy. They played with their other three cousins this afternoon ages 13 (boy), 8 and 6 (girls). Needless to say, they have completely and totally crashed from total exhaustion. Brady didn't even make it waiting on Bryce to come to bed after his shower, like he usually does. He was totally zonked when I put Bryce to bed and I haven't seen any of them since I put them to bed over two hours ago! A big accomplishment at bedtime here!

Brady has had his hair trimmed, since he is determined to let it grow. It now looks like it belongs on a little boy and not like a woolly-booger. I also got the make over that I have been craving. It involved scissors, layers, and two different hair colors. Pictures will follow, as soon as I get them taken. We didn't take our camera with us on the trip, I didn't dry my hair this morning and it is currently pulled up in an unflattering ponytail (unflattering i.e. lumpy, quick, out of the way ponytail). If I can get it to work the way I want it to tomorrow, I will have pictures taken/take pictures for my next blog. If not, it will require a brush that I don't currently possess and will be taking a trip to Wallie World to find one. In that case, I hope to have pictures up by Tuesday or Wednesday. I will say I was excited to see it and pleased with what she did for me.

I'm now off to bed. My fourth load of laundry since I've been home is heading for the washer and after just a few hours of sleep I'm ready to crash myself. I can only hope to get in enough before getting up to put the kids on the bus and take Hubby to his truck.


M said...

i can't wait to see the hair
glad you had a good weekend

Ladybird said...

I am so glad that you guys had a fun and safe trip! I can't wait to see the hair!!!!