Thursday, March 20, 2008

This and That

It has been a very long week here. I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday cleaning up the boys bedroom. No, I didn't work straight through. I actually did very little on Sunday and had a little to do on Monday. I worked on Belle's room yesterday and finished it up before bedtime last night. But this was not just a run down cleaning. This was a deep, much needed cleaning. I washed blankets, sheets, pillows, stuffed animals, cleaned out toy boxes and pulled out clothes that needed to go. I have toys and clothes ready to go to Goodwill and what didn't make the cut is in the trash. I think I pulled over 4 bags of trash from both rooms. Last night and today I made my way through a mountain of laundry that was piled up on the love seat, patiently waiting for me to fold it and put it away. Most of it is now finished and I hope to have it all folded by the time I crash tonight.

And why is it that there are some companies where things just never go right? That there is always a reason that you have to call to straighten something out? That would be our health insurance company. I've received a bill from a hospital lab on tests that were run on Bryce in December. Insurance was not mentioned anywhere on this bill so I just knew that it was denied. I took the time to get on our providers website and couldn't find Bryce's name anywhere on the list of people. When I talked to Hubby later on that evening, I asked him about it and he confirmed that we had previously had troubles with this but they assured him that he was listed. So today I started calling. Nice lady at the hospital informs me that insurance denied the claim, stating that he was seen prior to coverage. Coverage we've had for two years now. Ahem. So I called the insurance company and surprise!! they have no record of him listed on our plan. Two years and no record. After we filled out forms multiple times, made many, many phone calls and even sent in a verification of people in the household under our plan and they have no record. So I asked them, do you still have copies of the statements from the doctor's office and hospital or am I going to have to call them and ask them to resubmit. Her response was resubmit. Of course. It would make too much sense to look and see that they have obviously filled prescriptions for the boy and notice that he has the same name as Hubby but not so much as call and say this came through and we have no listing of him, call your employer. So now Hubby has to call his home office and talk to someone who deals with insurance (who is, of course, off until Monday) so that we can have the information submitted again. This I will never understand.

On a better note, I did get to enjoy some quality time this week with the kids. Brady has had three different assignments this week, all along the same line, where he is given a long list of words and he must write a small paragraph using some of those words. We have had fun making up silly stories (such as the crocodile whose tail got bit by a squirrel today). Bryce has a violin concert coming up next month where he is playing a duet. The piece they decided to play is The Can-Can, only eight bars long but has eighth notes in it (a big deal to a first year). So today, he pulled out his book and attempted to run the notes and was disappointed that they didn't come as easily as he had hoped. He was excited when I pulled out my flute, ran through it for him to give him an idea of how the song is supposed to sound, and then ran through it with him a few times to help him get used to the eighth notes. I could tell a big difference when we finished, and he believes in himself a little more now. Belle and I played around a bit this afternoon with the Wii (boys are grounded) so we definitely had a bit of fun with that.

Tomorrow is Good Friday and was supposed to be a scheduled day off in the local schools here. Unfortunately because of snow, they will be in session instead. The faculty at the kids school decided to make it a fun day and have set up a beach day. They are to bring beach towels, wear shorts and bright shirts. Now the only problem I have with this that it's March. It's supposed to be almost 70 tomorrow but still too cool for shorts. How am I to compete with a school that says "wear shorts!!!!!" when ordinarily I would put them in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and send them to school in a jacket. They coulda found something a little warmer...

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