Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy Couple of Days

This weekend has been a crazy weekend for us. The kids finished school Friday and are now headed for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. They received their report cards as well, and each of them did wonderful. Bryce had all A's and one B, Belle had straight A's and B's and Brady had straight A's. Hubby made it home Friday afternoon, too, so we've all been running around trying to be a family again. Bryce went to Holiday World on Saturday with his violin group, leaving at 6am and returned until after 9pm. We learned he had a ball since he hasn't really hushed about it since he came home. Hubby was nice enough to get up early on Saturday and take him to the school for his trip and then pick him up when they returned.

I've also been enjoying my time picking at Hubby this weekend. He's certainly tried to give me plenty of blogging material. Saturday, he was working on the lawn mower my parents brought us. While trying to cut a zip tie off of a wrench (and who knows why the wrench had it on there to begin with) he twisted his knife wrong and cut his finger pretty good. I've told him since then that he is no longer allowed to use this knife, since this is the second time he has cut a finger open like this with it. He has it sharpened well enough that he can shave with it and I cringe each time he gets it out.

This afternoon while trying to clean some things off of my computer desk, my cell phone started ringing his all too familiar ring. Surprised, I answered it, wondering why he was calling me when we were both in the house. Apparently, he had run out of toilet paper and the new package that I had just bought Friday was still sitting in a chair in the kitchen waiting for me to put it away. He decided to call my phone after the couple of times he had hollered out of the room for me went unheard, so he used what was available. His cell phone. I never dreamed he would stoop to this level.

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M said...

It sounds like you had a eventful weekend! I can relate to the cell phone calling while you are both in the same house my kids do that to me and me to them all the time. Only with us it isn't a toilet paper emergency it is just pure laziness since we are usually on seperate floors in the house and the rule is no yelling from one floor to the other.