Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ten "Me-Me" Things About Me

Ladybird tagged me yesterday. The rules are to post 10 weird or little known facts about you and then tag 10 people. Make sure to leave them a comment so they know they have been tagged!

1. I am stunned and terrified that I have less than 2 1/2 years before I have a teenager. He was only three yesterday! Where did all this time go?

2. I hate driving long distances because I always doubt if I took the right exit. I do this even though I recognize certain things or places that I have driven by in the past.

3. I have decided that I'm going to have to place some sort of contraption on the doors of my home that will shut the door on the kids backsides for standing in it. Maybe then they will actually walk out the door and shut it.

4. I recently signed up for Blockbusters mailing program and have started watching Brothers & Sisters. I think I'm really going to like that series.

5. I have never seen a Desperate Housewives episodes. Occasionally, I will watch for a few minutes but change the channel.

6. I don't watch American Idol.

7. I don't think The Office, My Name is Earl or Scrubs is funny.

8. I bought my three kids and two of my nephews cap guns. I'm regretting it.

9. The beginning of summer vacation is easier than the end of summer vacation. The kids are easier to entertain at the beginning and find themselves bored at the end.

10. Some days I wish the kids gave me a little bit more to blog about. Other days, I'm glad they don't.

I have no one else on my blogging list that hasn't already been tagged so I can't tag anyone in return. If you read this and haven't been tagged feel free to do this and leave me a link in the comments so I can see yours!

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