Sunday, May 25, 2008

Guard Cat and Growing Up

Hubby has had the hardest time getting home this weekend. He had mentioned to his dispatcher that he wanted to be home Friday since he had family coming in to Nashville and we were supposed to visit on Saturday. Unfortunately his dispatcher forgot and he and his team partner got saddled with a load that was going to California. It was a late load, meaning it should've been there yesterday, and they were the only available team to run it. So they did and he was supposed to be back yesterday (but not able to make it to Nashville). Then they started having truck problems. And after they picked up their load around L.A., they were called back to the company because the company had loaded the wrong load on their truck. So he got home around 5:30 this morning.

Zeus sleeps on the foot of my bed at night. He has been coming up to the head of my bed (for the most part) around 5 or so in the mornings, lately just for attention. This morning was no different. He came up to my head about the time I started to stir and realize what time it was. I called Hubby, found he was on his way home and laid back down. When Hubby opened the door to come into the house, my bedroom door "popped", something that it does when an outside door is opened or when the a/c unit kicks on. Zeus tuned up, growled and turned towards the door so that he could watch it. The louder Hubby's footsteps got down the hall, the lower this cat sank into the bed. He didn't attack Hubby, but I would hate to see what would've happened if it had been someone else.

Bryce has been "bugging" us for the last couple of summers to mow the yard. After some serious consideration and taking into account his need for exercise, we allowed him to push mow part of a yard that we mow for a neighbor and our back yard. He's proud that he gets to be that much closer to an adult and I'm excited that he's willing to do something that gives him exercise, without me having to tell him to go outside and do it. While Bryce is moving on to mowing yards, Brady has graduated from a 16 inch bike to a 20 inch bike. We knew that he was ready for it and this morning Hubby bought the one Brady had picked out. He's very proud of the newest addition to the family of ever growing bikes in the shed. Belle has not moved onto anything new yet, but is very proud that she talked me into letting her get a two piece swimsuit for the summer. These kids are growing up entirely too fast.

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